Attacks on a Woman’s Right to Choose, Unlawful Detention, Religion and Reason……….. – Religion Simplified

Religion and Reason – The Fundamental Problem
“A battle is being waged for the minds of Americans. The battle is between religious fundamentalism and reason. The fate of the United States is not the only concern at stake, the future of the world is being decided.”

Religion has a lot to answer for

Despised and Hated for Being Truthful – Atheists are the most distrusted of all of America’s minorities


Murder and Violence of the Vatican: Catholic Church corrupt since its inception:


Pope Benedict XVI SLAPS reporter for exposing that he covers up Pedophile Priests:


Vatican Crimes Worldwide

Vatican Crimes’s Channel – YouTube


Lies of religion exposed: Female genital circumcision – brutal & unnecessary!


Do Christians Have a Moral Compass?

Organized Crimes Implemented Globally by Religion

Faith Can Kill

Africa’s challenge to Western homosexuality

The GOP’s Ten Most Extreme Attacks on a Woman’s Right to Choose

Republicans Try to Impose Selfishness on American People

Republicans Denying College Students the Right to Vote: The Mugging of Democracy

Unlawful Detention on US Soil

Under Obama, an emerging global apparatus for drone killing

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