Psychologists explain our climate change anxiety – ThinkProgress

Psychologists explain our climate change anxiety – ThinkProgress
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Opposition to Kavanaugh grows, support at historic low: Reuters/Ipsos poll | Reuters

A growing number of Americans said they opposed President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, as the candidate’s confirmation hearings took place and as he fended off a sexual assault claim, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed.
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Bullying Rape Victims


The Progress Report, Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Last night, attorneys for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford made a simple request: the professor is willing to testify publicly, but she wants the FBI to do its own standard investigation to establish the common facts first.
This is a more-than-fair request, especially in light of Dr. Blasey Ford’s offensive treatment at the hands of Senate Republicans, including members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senate Republicans are trying to bully Dr. Blasey Ford into a partisan process aimed at discrediting her story and exonerating Judge Kavanaugh.
But Trump and Senate Republicans balked, telling Dr. Blasey Ford that there would be no investigation, there would be no other witness allowed, and that if she doesn’t show up on Monday, then they don’t care about her.
Why are Republicans trying to rush through the nomination of a man who has been credibly accused of sexual assault? Maybe it’s because public support for Brett Kavanaugh is at an historic low, and sinking.
According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, 36% of polled adults said they did not want Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. 33% of women respondents oppose his confirmation.
Dr. Blasey Ford submitted to and passed an FBI polygraph test. Yet, Senate Republicans are once again making it clear they have no interest in uncovering the truth—at the expense of sexual assault survivors and of our country.
We asked yesterday whether Republicans could meet even the dismally low bar of giving Dr. Blasey Ford the same treatment that Anita Hill got more than 25 years ago. Well, the FBI investigated Hill’s claims—and Republicans are blocking even that step.

Moving backward from Anita Hill. – Center for American Progress Action

Moving backward from Anita Hill. – Center for American Progress Action
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Trump Failures: Marriage, Fatherhood, Brotherhood, Son, Business, Politics….

The only thing Trump is a success at, is being a con man!

Georgia voters warn midterm election security is in danger – ThinkProgress

“No one will ever know whether the results to come out of the midterm elections in Georgia are actually what the voters intended.”

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New report claims YouTube unintentionally acts as an indoctrinator for far-right beliefs – ThinkProgress

New report claims YouTube unintentionally acts as an indoctrinator for far-right beliefs – ThinkProgress
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Transgender military ban’s ‘unit cohesion’ claim fails spectacularly in court – ThinkProgress

Transgender military ban’s ‘unit cohesion’ claim fails spectacularly in court – ThinkProgress
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This ‘drag kid’ had the best response to a Republican website that ridiculed him / LGBTQ Nation

A far-right website thought it was insulting the 11-year-old gay boy, but really….
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Border Patrol agent-turned-serial killer arrested after murdering a transgender woman / LGBTQ Nation

She was one of four women killed by the deranged Border Patrol agent.
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A Chicago priest performed an exorcism on a rainbow cross because it’s ‘sacrilegious’ / LGBTQ Nation

He said we are living in “a sequel to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.”
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Texas Republicans are so desperate they’re insinuating some Democrat candidates are ‘crossdressers’ / LGBTQ Nation

But their “proof” is so laughable, it’s not helping them one bit.
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Kavanaugh Is Bad For LGBTQ workers!

Brooke Larson fears what LGBTQ workers may face if Kavanaugh is appointed to SCOTUS.

She’s speaking out, will you? Call 866-426-2631


Here’s What Happened To A USAID Official Who Ran Afoul Of Mike Pence

A Wall Street Journal column criticizing “career staff” for getting in the way of aid to Christians in Iraq was published on a Thursday. Maria Longi lost her job on Friday.
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Take heart from these tales of regular folks battling the bastards–and beating them back • Hightower Lowdown

Movements cannot persevere, much less thrive, on outrage alone. Even the most committed activists need a sense of … well, of movement: true stories of the grit, resilience, inventiveness, can-do spirit, and the success of common people battling the bastards.
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