As of September 30th, 2013, I will no longer be using WordPress

As of today September 30th, 2013, I will no longer be using WordPress.

For now I will be Tweeting directly from my Twitter account:


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  1. I found your site just chock full of useful information. Thank you.

  2. Re your recent comment to PoliticUSA:
    You should read “The Al Qaeda Reader”, in which Osma bin Laden and other Qaeda leaders write about why they attack the West — and it’s nothing to do with the “American Taliban”..
    It has to do with the fact that the west are unbelievers. This is stated clearly, unequivocally and repeatedly in their writings.
    Infidels have three choices: (1) convert to Islam;(2) pay the jizya tax (the tax on non-Muslims); or (3) they are to be killed. OBL had “invited” the US to Islam several times, which it had ignored, and since it was not paying the Jizya, they had to attack and kill.
    It’s all there in his own words.

    1. To a real Christian, (one that follows the bible and those Christians who spread their message throughout the year and the reason why Christianity has become so widespread) the only good non-Christian is a dead non-Christian.

  3. btw: there’s a typo in the third para of your intro “considered”…

  4. CP Mondello:
    Responding to your comment above (“to a real Christian… the only good non-Christian is a dead non-Christian”), I’m sorry I don’t agree. I speak, btw, as an atheist, one who was confirmed in the C of E, but then became atheist at age 9 (and that’s a *long* time ago). At no time have I felt under the slightest threat from any Christian, whether a secular Christian, or one who “follows the bible”.
    The same is not true of Islam. I have lived in Muslim countries (I currently live in Hong Kong, btw), in places like Iran (in the 70s), Malaysia and Indonesia. Though I admit I’ve not felt a direct threat to life, the atmosphere of Islam is prevalent. And for any Muslim, to apostasise is a danger, sometimes to one’s life. That’s not true for Christianity, anywhere on earth today.
    It is simply not true that “all religions are the same”, that all are equally dangerous, that all are equally good (or bad).
    There is one religion, and one only, which has a developed doctrine, theology and legal system that mandates warfare against unbelievers. And that’s the big “I”.
    BTW: read the Koran. Then, immediately after, read the New Testament (the one that virtually all Christians hew to today). It’s a revelation. It’s night and day. It’s pedestrian prose vs poetry. It’s hate vs love. Again… speaking as an atheist….You can’t fail to be impressed by the difference.

  5. Mr. Forsythe,
    Yes, Christianity is much less a threat today that years gone by. When the reason for this is delved upon it becomes clear why this is so. It is simply a matter of being or not being in power. Where Islam has power it is oppressive, and dangerous for those who are not part of it. If Christianity were in power the potential is there for it to become just as terrible a belief.
    In the U.S. there has been an increase in the number of believers in Christianity holding public office. There is much talk from such individuals who hold office that The Separation of Church and State is a myth. Even talking to the average fundamentalist on the street gives you the idea of the kind of “Christian Nation” they would like to have, given the opportunity. Even JIm Jordan, a representative here in Ohio has made it clear that he holds the concept of Separation of Church and State to be a myth.
    Yes, we enjoy a relative calm for the time being in the United States, but we face everyday a battle to keep it so.

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  8. Kan by p denne overgang. Seett sammen ditt er
    overbevist om at de har utrolig fine ikke er som en lagenegruppehar ett poeng etter
    ble aldri solgt.

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