Facebook reveals new details of account breaches, revises login token theft down to 30M people – GeekWire

Facebook is releasing new details of an attack that gave hackers access to tens of millions of individuals’ Facebook accounts. At the same time, it’s revising downward the number of users affected, from nearly 50 million to about 30 million.
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You go, girls! Melinda Gates is joined by ‘Sesame Street’ friends in marking worldwide ‘Day of the Girl’ – GeekWire

https://www.instagram.com/p/BozBofOgduC/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1m8w2j8hac34y Girls are strong, brave and know how to dream really big. That’s the message from Melinda Gates in a cute new video she posted on Instagram along with some help from a pair of Muppets. Joined by “Sesame…
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The late physicist and author Prof Stephen Hawking has sparked controversy by suggesting a new race of superhumans could develop from wealthy people choosing to edit their own and their children’s DNA.

Physicist said genetic editing may create species that could destroy rest of humanity
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Democrats didn’t leak Dr. Ford’s letter—it was most likely the White House

“….the most likely source for the ultimate release of Dr. Ford’s name and identity was the White House itself.”

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The next recession – The world economy

This week stockmarkets tumbled across the globe as investors worried, for the second time this year, about slowing growth and the effects of tighter American monetary policy. Those fears are well-founded.
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(USA left the UN so they won’t have to deal with their own atrocities and terrorism worldwide) Saudi-U.S. War on Yemen Could Cause the ‘Worst Famine in 100 Years”. The United Nations is warning that 13 million people are facing starvation – World News Report – EIN News

The most comprehensive geo-political news service available on the Internet, covering over 263 countries and regions, all U.S. States and Industries.
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Dave Chappelle, the comedian who once urged the American public to give Trump “a chance,” excoriated the president during an interview with CNN’s Van Jones, saying, “I think the rhetoric of his presidency is repugnant. I just don’t like the way he talks.”

Dave Chappelle: Rhetoric Of Trump’s Presidency ‘Has Been Repugnant’ | HuffPost
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Stacey Abrams Campaign Calls On Brian Kemp To Resign As Georgia’s Election Chief | HuffPost

The campaign of Stacey Abrams, the Democratic candidate in Georgia’s gubernatorial race, reportedly urged her opponent, Brian Kemp, to resign as Georgia secretary of state on Thursday following a report that his office had frozen more than 53,000 voter registrations, many of them belonging to African-Americans.
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Georgia Sen. David Perdue (R) reportedly grabbed a cellphone from a university student who was questioning him about potential voter suppression in the state.

‘Give Me My Phone Back, Senator:’ GOP’s David Perdue Snatches Device From Student | HuffPost
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Chinese ambassador to US says Beijing doesn’t know who to deal with – CNN

The Chinese ambassador to the United States said diplomats are confused (WHO ISNT? WHO WOULDNT BE) over who is the “final decision maker” in the Trump administration, complicating future negotiations amid the escalating US China trade war.
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18 DEAD TRUMP! ARE YOU KEEPING COUNT? Hopes Fade For More Survivors Of Hurricane Michael As Death Toll Climbs To 18 | HuffPost

Hopes Fade For More Survivors Of Hurricane Michael As Death Toll Climbs To 18 | HuffPost
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6 Of The Wildest Moments From Donald Trump’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview | HuffPost

“President Donald Trump denied mocking Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford at a rally, telling “60 Minutes” that “it doesn’t matter” anyway because “we won.” In the same interview, he refused to say humans were causing climate change and left open the possibility of shutting down special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election.”
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Public urged to throw out raw milk from dairy implicated in Salmonella outbreak | Food Safety News

Health officials are urging the public to immediately discard any unpasteurized, raw milk from a Pennsylvania dairy because it has been linked to at least
— Read on www.foodsafetynews.com/2018/10/public-urged-to-throw-out-raw-milk-from-dairy-implicated-in-salmonella-outbreak/

Heavy metals found in 40 percent of protein powders tested | Food Safety News

Healthy eating enthusiasts may want to reconsider their protein powder choices in light of a new study that shows 40 percent of 134 brands tested have elevated levels of heavy metals, with certified organic products twice as likely to contain heavy metals as non-organic powders.
— Read on www.foodsafetynews.com/2018/02/heavy-metals-found-in-40-percent-of-protein-powders-tested/

Yes There Is a Constitutional Separation of Church and State | HuffPost

Yes There Is a Constitutional Separation of Church and State | HuffPost
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