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‘Hail Satan?’ Movie Review: In Religious Freedom We Trust – Rolling Stone

It ends with you wondering why their Seven Basic Tenets involving justice, compassion, science and looking out for one another should be considered “evil” at all and not the law of the land. It goes from being a look at folks challenging the status quo to its own work of protest art that’s worth flying the devil horns for.
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Theocrats Are Scary – And That’s The Truth | Americans United for Separation of Church and State

I get nervous when I hear Religious Right types talk about building a “biblical” society, not only because such schemes erode the church-state wall, but because I know that someone will have to decide what “biblical” means. And if the someone is a budding theocrat like Rohrer whose truth resembles The Handmaid’s Tale, we’re all in trouble. (And just to be clear, we should not adopt policies based on progressive readings of the Bible either. There should be a secular rationale for all of our laws.)
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Neera Tanden Once Punched Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Manager, Faiz Shakir

Neera Tanden Once Punched Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Manager, Faiz Shakir

The Founders Opposed Taxpayer-Funded Religion To Help Faith, Not Hurt It | Americans United for Separation of Church and State

The framers of the Constitution believed that houses of worship should not receive tax dollars. They didn’t feel this way because they were hostile to religion – far from it. While they clearly believed that forcing people to support religion against their will was a violation of the fundamental right of conscience, the Founding Fathers also understood that faith communities prosper when voluntarily supported by members.
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Donald Trump has destroyed the US Jewish consensus on Israel (and that’s a good thing)

Trump has done everything that his biggest donor, Netanyahu-supporter Sheldon Adelson, would want him to; and that has divided the Jewish community.
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‘You’re Gonna Die’: Trump-Lover Arrested for Threatening Prominent Top Democratic Lawmakers

A South Florida supporter of President Donald Trump has been arrested for allegedly threatening to murder four prominent, top Democratic lawmakers, after he reportedly left vile, profane, threatening, racist, and homophobic voicemails for three of them. He also touted his support for President Trump in several of his voicemails. he was charged with making threatening communications.

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Here’s How Barr Lied to the American People

Here’s How Barr Lied to the American People
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‘Hit-and-Run’ Incidents Target Palestinians in The West Bank | Al Bawaba

There have been a series of “hit-and-run” incidents targeting Palestinians in different parts of the West Bank over recent months, with most of them going uninvestigated by Israeli authorities. Some of such events have resulted in fatalities.
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Sarah Sanders admitted to lying to reporters about Comey firing | US news | The Guardian

Sanders said her claim that countless members of the FBI opposed former director James Comey was ‘not founded on anything’
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Kremlin Steps in to Help Trump Deflect Mueller Report Findings

The Kremlin says that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 400-page report has not offered any credible evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S.
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Prairie2 News: Solid as Sears or rotten as Steven Muchin

This is how white collar crime works, stealing from poor people is applauded
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Justice Thomas Fails on Religious Test Answer – Rewire.News – Religion Dispatches

Thomas’s opinion on religious tests wasn’t about right or wrong, or even of the Constitution, it’s a political argument designed to muzzle such questions in hopes of easing and paving a path for conservative justices who would place faith above the Constitution.
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Prairie2 News: Trump and his fellow travelers

Trump tweeted his displeasure but was out done by the so-called liberal establishment that was out in force to vilify Bernie for not being a team player and breaking the boycott of Fox. They were also willing to embrace Trump’s conspiracy theory that the Fox audience warmed up to Bernie because they were really Bernie supporters and not actual Fox viewers.

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Same-sex couples are less likely to be approved for loans, study shows · PinkNews

Research from Iowa State University’s Ivy College of Business shows that same-sex couples are almost 75 percent more likely to be denied a loan than heterosexual couples.
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NRATV has hosted a contributor to a white nationalist publication 32 times

NRATV has hosted a contributor to a white nationalist publication 32 times
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