Obama Secretly Courts Big Business, Secret-Money Allies, Catholic Fashion, British Anti-Islam group seeks US Tea Party ties & More….

  • Obama Secretly Courts Big Business – Obama has been running around all campaign season playing the populist card, attacking pretty much everyone who goes to work in a suit. Yet then his advisers try to smooth things over in private meetings with executives, assuring them the president isn’t as anti-business as he might seem on TV.

  • Catholic Church Spending More Energy On Fashion Than Addressing Their Responsibility of Raping Children: Catholic News Service this week reported that the Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs, Colorado has decided not to oppose a decision by some Colorado Springs schools to allow students to wear rosaries only if they are tucked into their shirts. (NOTE: How bout they add some color to the burkas the Nuns are forced to wear)
  • More of the Same, From the Tea Party and the Right – It goes by many names neoliberalism, neoserfdom, libertarianism, globalization — Naomi Klein calls it corporatism in the Shock Doctrine  — and third worldization, but it’s generally in the same ballpark insofar as the “remedies” and “therapies” and “fixes” that it pursues. The current incarnation of the uber rightist Tea Party seems to be drinking out of the same carafe as a lot of the folks that “liberally” push this sort of stuff; and ordinarily, what it portends for the overwhelming majority of any national population, are less than desirable results.

  • Feds Move to Block ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Injunction: The Justice Department asked a federal judge in California Thursday to put on hold her worldwide injunction against enforcement of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy toward homosexual service members. At the same time, the Pentagon reportedly told its legal officers that they they should abide by the terms of the injunction pending further judicial review.

  • There’s Already a Big Winner in 2010: GOP and Its Secret-Money Allies – In this new order, Wall Street firms and execs can secretly donate millions of dollars to a political group with a meaningless name — say, Americans for Prosperity and Enterprise — and that group can blitz a congressional district with hundreds or thousands of ads (misleading or not) blasting a candidate who supports financial consumer protections. And voters would never be told who’s behind this assault. Why would any American citizen — even a Tea Partier — believe this is good for American democracy? Allowing well-financed players to invade local elections clandestinely — this is elitism run wild.

  • Conservative Christian Military Chaplain believe, as usual, they are victims and are against Equal Rights For All Americans: Says DADT Injunction Will Impact Ability To Counsel Soldiers

  • British Anti-Islam group seeks US Tea Party ties – Tentative links are developing between supporters of the Tea Party movement in the United States and right-wing fringe groups in Britain that are opposed to what they call the “Islamification” of Europe.

  • “During the primary, I heard the audible voice of God.” – Like other tea party-backed candidates, O’Donnell has softened her rhetoric, and not just on social issues. Asked Wednesday about comments in a 2006 debate that China has a “carefully thought out and strategic plan to take over America,” she backtracked and said she believed she was misquoted, ignoring the existence of a recording of the debate in which she is clearly heard making the remarks. On education, she now says she wouldn’t go so far as to eliminate the Education Department, despite saying last month that the country should “begin to repeal the role of the federal government” in education.

  • What are Our Alternatives to the Corporate Controlled Political Parties? – Who is Barack Obama and how is he any different than George W. Bush? Tell me, why do so-called “Progressives” continue to support this man and his fascist policies? It is becoming increasingly clear that this President will do nothing to impede the corporate agenda of control over the Federal government that will become the cornerstone of worker repression throughout the country.

  • High school Conservative Christians want to make University to change admissions requirement to suit them – 9th Circuit Uphold’s UC’s Rejection of Certain Christian School Courses (Update about case)

  • The White House and the US mortgage racket – The Obama administration has rejected calls for a moratorium on home foreclosures despite revelations that banks illegally processed mortgage documents to speed up the eviction of families and seizure of their homes. Nothing could more clearly demonstrate the class interests served by the White House. Major banks have systematically broken the law, victimizing an unknown number of families, and the Obama administration responds by shielding the criminals.

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