Midterm elections in Trump era bring high engagement from racists, extremists | Southern Poverty Law Center

When Donald Trump ran for president in 2016, racists, neo-Nazis and alt-right extremists embraced his candidacy with enthusiasm.
— Read on www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2018/11/07/midterm-elections-trump-era-bring-high-engagement-racists-extremists


There are no verses in the Holy Quran to trigger and promote genocide, but there are in the Bible!

This article was originally published in the Muslim Sunrise, in fall of 2011. The Muslim Sunrise is the oldest Muslim publication of North America. By Khaula Rehman MD Many Christians and Jews, perhaps unconsciously, consider the Quran standing in absolute contrast to the scriptures they themselves cherish. In the minds of ordinary Christians – and…
— Read on themuslimtimes.info/2011/11/28/violence-in-the-bible-and-jihad-in-the-quran/

(LOL FOX Temper Tantrum) Fox News’ Boycott Of Twitter Enters Fourth Day – Joe.My.God.

Fox News’ Boycott Of Twitter Enters Fourth Day – Joe.My.God.
— Read on www.joemygod.com/2018/11/fox-news-boycott-of-twitter-enters-fourth-day/

Meet the LGBT activist sending Christmas cards to disowned queer people – PinkNews · PinkNews

The Rainbow Cards Project sends Christmas cards to LGBT+ people disowned by their families. PinkNews speaks to founder El Roberts-Wright about her work.
— Read on www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/11/12/the-rainbow-cards-project-lgbt-christmas-loneliness/

MIT and Harvard reconsidering Saudi ties after Khashoggi murder | World news | The Guardian

Saudi Arabia has paid more than $350m to dozens of US universities since 2011 – and now those institutions are re-examining it amid growing questions from their communities
— Read on www.theguardian.com/world/2018/nov/13/saudi-arabia-mit-harvard-funding-mohammed-bin-salman-reconsidering-khashoggi

Outcry After U.S. Police Shoot African-American Security Guard ‘Hero’. He Was Protecting a Night Club and Holding a Suspect Down – World News Report – EIN News

The most comprehensive geo-political news service available on the Internet, covering over 263 countries and regions, all U.S. States and Industries.
— Read on world.einnews.com/article/468162000/V_U8PLOvcBdB19AI

Mississippi senator, whose runoff opponent is black, jokes about ‘public hanging’

“If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row,” Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith said.
— Read on www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/mississippi-senator-whose-runoff-opponent-black-jokes-about-public-hanging-n935006

(For Profit Means Your Life Means Nothing!) Health Insurance Costs Are Hurting the American Dream

Many otherwise financially sound families face a stark choice when health-care premiums shoot wildly higher: Take on debt or opt out of the medical system and hope for the best.
— Read on www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2018-risking-it-uninsured-family/

Kellyanne Conway insists doctored White House video of CNN reporter isn’t doctored – ThinkProgress

Kellyanne Conway insists doctored White House video of CNN reporter isn’t doctored – ThinkProgress
— Read on thinkprogress.org/kellyanne-video-acosta-sports-replay-fe6ad3211268/

VictimsSpeakDB.org Data Infers Suicide Rates Among Victims of Clergy Sex Abuse Exceed 50 Times the General Population – Religion News Today – EIN News

Out of a possible 100,000 victims of Catholic clergy sex abuse in U.S., more than 725 will never be heard from again. These are suicides, not drug overdoses.
— Read on religion.einnews.com/pr_news/467186245/victimsspeakdb-org-data-infers-suicide-rates-among-victims-of-clergy-sex-abuse-exceed-50-times-the-general-population

The Trump Administration Thinks Your Employer Should Make Your Birth Control Decisions – Religion News Today – EIN News

The Trump administration moved forward on Wednesday in its quest to give businesses and other institutions a license to discriminate by issuing a regulation
— Read on religion.einnews.com/pr_news/467705479/the-trump-administration-thinks-your-employer-should-make-your-birth-control-decisions

Stay away from ‘demonic power’ of yoga, Missouri megachurch pastor warns Christians – Religion News Today – EIN News

Latest religion news for religion professionals & analysts. Breaking world religion, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Mormon & Hinduism news.
— Read on religion.einnews.com/article__detail/468209244-stay-away-from-demonic-power-of-yoga-missouri-megachurch-pastor-warns-christians

The White House Unleashes More Attacks on Reproductive Health Care – Religion News Today – EIN News

On Tuesday, voters turned out in record numbers for the midterm elections — and there is good evidence that health care motivated many of them to head to the
— Read on religion.einnews.com/pr_news/467836775/the-white-house-unleashes-more-attacks-on-reproductive-health-care

(Trump USA) Anti-Jewish hate crimes increased by 37% in 2017, according to a new FBI report – Religion News Today – EIN News

Latest religion news for religion professionals & analysts. Breaking world religion, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Mormon & Hinduism news.
— Read on religion.einnews.com/article__detail/468215020-politics-anti-jewish-hate-crimes-increased-by-37-in-2017-according-to-a-new-fbi-report

‘A rising swell of anti-Semitism:’ Religious leaders react to controversial Baraboo photo – Religion News Today – EIN News

Religious leaders across Wisconsin are responding to a photo that appears to show Baraboo High School students giving a Nazi salute.
— Read on religion.einnews.com/article_detail/468168193/p2WoOR998sGvTCy4

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