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Pushing Evangelistic Ideology From USA On To The World: Valerie Huber’s New Role at HHS Could Bring Abstinence-Only Agenda to Global Policy – Rewire.News

Abstinence-only proponent Valerie Huber will move to a new position in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of Global Affairs, worrying reproductive health advocates and experts who believe she could push her agenda into the global arena.
— Read on rewire.news/article/2019/01/23/huber-new-role-hhs-could-bring-abstinence-only-agenda-global-policy/

(Consequences of Trump Shutdown) -,‘Our Enemies Know They Can Run Freely’: FBI Agents Paint Grim Consequences of Government Shutdown

The fears expressed by many of the FBI agents could be summed up by one sentence: “The fear is our enemies know they can run freely.”
— Read on www.newsweek.com/fbi-agents-government-shutdown-national-security-1300903

Televangelist & Friend Of Trump Gloria Copeland Says Jesus Was Vaccinated Against Flu so We Don’t Have to Be 💉🧔 – YouTube

Televangelist: Jesus Was Vaccinated Against Flu so We Don’t Have to Be 💉🧔 – YouTube
— Read on m.youtube.com/watch

Traitor In America!

When I Studied The Holocaust In School

Domestic Violence Shelters Are Cutting Services Because Of The #TrumpShutdown | HuffPost

One program, in West Virginia, is rationing food and preparing for layoffs.
— Read on www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/domestic-violence-shelters-are-cutting-services-because-of-the-shutdown_us_5c38e6a3e4b0922a21d4b9e6

LOL: Trump losing battle to avoid blame for shutdown as it enters day 23 | US news | The Guardian

Poll shows 53% of Americans blame Trump and Republicans, while president reportedly believes shutdown is a win for him
— Read on www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jan/13/shutdown-americans-blame-trump

Trump’s Shutdown: Keeping Wall Promise Is Blocking Other Signature Trump Pledges – Bloomberg

Trump’s promise to build a wall along the Mexican border is keeping him from honoring some of his other high-profile campaign pledges and policy priorities.
— Read on www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-01-10/keeping-wall-promise-is-blocking-other-signature-trump-pledges

Trump Shutdown (Make Americans Sick Again) – ‘It’s a nightmare’: Americans’ health at risk as shutdown slashes EPA | Environment | The Guardian

The Environmental Protection Agency has been cut to a skeleton staff, meaning work to ensure clean air and water is left undone
— Read on www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jan/09/epa-government-shutdown-environmental-protection-agency-nightmare

A Religious Freedom Day For Conservative Christians Above All Others In America, Making It Anti-American!

A proposed resolution intended to commemorate perhaps one of the most radical, liberatory, and revolutionary pieces of legislation in the history of the world misses the point. And it’s not a mistake.
— Read on rewire.news/religion-dispatches/2019/01/08/the-battle-for-the-meaning-of-religious-freedom-day/

Dictator In Chief: Can Trump declare emergency to build his wall?

“Absolutely it’s an abuse of power for the president to declare a national emergency when none exists and to use it to try to get around the democratic process,” she said. “But we are in a situation where our legal system for emergency powers almost invites that kind of abuse.”
— Read on www.dailyjournal.net/2019/01/07/us-ap-explains-trump-shutdown-national-emergency/

With Kurdish Genocide a Real Danger, How Ethical Was Mattis’ Resignation? – Rewire.News – Religion Dispatches

Someone like Mattis may have imagined that his quiet resignation would save both his honor and conscience. But such a conventionally dignified resignation may have put both at risk.
— Read on rewire.news/religion-dispatches/2019/01/07/with-kurdish-genocide-a-real-danger-how-ethical-was-mattis-resignation/

How capitalism is killing us | USA | Al Jazeera

And how we may have passed the ‘point of no return”.
— Read on www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/capitalism-killing-190101101116332.html

Trump Shutdown: Human Waste by the Side of a Busy Road in Yosemite. Overflowing Toilets in the Grand Canyon. The Rocky Mountains Inaccessible Because of Unplowed Roads… – World News Report – EIN News

The most comprehensive geo-political news service available on the Internet, covering over 263 countries and regions, all U.S. States and Industries.
— Read on world.einnews.com/article/472830314/mX1ZFR5PVf64zBOR

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