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Rep. Maxine Waters Condemns Decision To Release Accused Coast Guard Terrorist: “This Is Outrageous” – Joe.My.God.

Rep. Maxine Waters Condemns Decision To Release Accused Coast Guard Terrorist: “This Is Outrageous” – Joe.My.God.
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Opinion -How Trump Has Murdered Over 40,000 Venezuelans With Sanctions

Sanctions are a slower and more gruelling weapon of war than bombs and missiles, but they’re vastly superior when it comes to the matter of keeping the public asleep through depraved acts of mass slaughter.
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Arizona Republican Claims That Sex Trafficking Does Not “Damage” Children – The Intellectualist

Hamilton and Stringer argued after the speech. Stringer allegedly defended child sex abuse. Hamilton informed investigators that Stringer didn’t believe there was any “damage from child sex trafficking. He said, “If an uncle takes his niece or nephew to a playground, and they go on the merry-go-round and have some ice cream, and then do their thing, that’s just part of the experience.”
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Christian Post Writer: It’s “Madness” That Pete Buttigieg Kisses His Gay Partner | Sarahbeth Caplin | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

It’s really hard to take Christians seriously when they complain about the world’s lack of morality, then continue to support Donald Trump.
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Christian Pastor Accused of Running “Slave Labor Cult” in Michigan | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

How did the church get all this money? As you might guess, it involved convincing members to hand it all over to them in the name of God. One woman gave $1.2 million — which included her cashed-out 401K — and was left practically homeless while Taylor got richer.
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Democratic Candidates Should Avoid an Anti-LGBTQ Christian’s Faith Forum in Iowa | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Bob Vander Plaats, the leader of the Christian group Family Leader, has an offer for some of the highest polling Democrats in the presidential field: Come to a forum I’m hosting in Iowa to talk about your faith.

It’s a trap.

Don’t do it.

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As many Americans claim no religion as there are evangelicals, Catholics

For the first time “No Religion” has topped a survey of Americans’ religious identity, according to a new analysis by a political scientist. The non-religious edged out Catholics and evangelicals in the long-running General Social Survey.
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Tennessee Theater Censors ‘Hellboy’ On Sign Because Bible Belt | Michael Stone

Bible Belt censorship: A movie theater in a small Tennessee town is receiving national attention after changing the title “Hellboy” to “Heckboy” on the movie marquee.
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Scandals mount at Interior under Bernhardt two weeks after being confrimed

“Under Bernhardt, the command appears to be granting favors to extractive industries, science be damned, while fighting tooth and nail to keep the public in the dark,”
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Pulse Memorial Funding Could Now Be in Jeopardy

Orlando’s LGBTQ community has noted that state funding has yet to materialize for the memorial, while the Florida legislature immediately set aside money for a similar memorial for victims of the Parkland shooting.
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Prairie2 News: Sleepy Joe vs the Orange Nazi

Biden was an active and enthusiastic participant in the corporate dems dismantling of the American middle class. The Bankruptcy reform that made it impossible to write off student loans was his baby. Student loans have shot past credit cards and auto loans to $1.55 trillion and climbing fast as the student share of education balloons and wages after graduation fizzle despite the good economy.

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School Bans All Rainbows, LGBTQ Paraphernalia in Response to Students Posting Racist, Homophobic Flyers – Towleroad Gay News

As a response to this hateful incident, school officials have punished the LGBTQ students!
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Iowa’s Longest-Serving GOP Lawmaker Defects to Democratic Party Because of Trump: WATCH – Towleroad Gay News

Rep. Andy McKean, Iowa’s longest-serving Republican state lawmaker, announced on Tuesday that he’s defecting to the Democratic Party because of Donald Trump. The move puts Iowa Democrats four seats away from taking control of the Iowa House.
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Trump administration forces UN to water down resolution opposing rape in war | The Independent

The United States has been roundly criticised for insisting that a UN measure opposing rape in wartime, could not offer “sexual and reproductive health” help to survivors of such incidents.
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Afghan civilians were killed in greater numbers by NATO and pro-government security forces in the first three months of 2019 than the Taliban

Security forces in Afghanistan killed more civilians in the first part of 2019 than the Taliban and other terrorist groups. At the same time, casualty numbers fell compared with the previous year.
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