RE: The Threat of the Religious Right is as Old as Christianity

RE:  The Threat of the Religious Right is as Old as Christianity
By: Hrafnkell Haraldsson
Sunday, October 20th, 2013
Just the title and headline of this automatically made me like this article!!! I always tell people that fact is fact and we need to keep atop those who today can no longer slaughter all dissenters here in the USA, but they can rewrite history like the ding-bats in Texas have been trying to do for years in our books that will teach generations to come. Apparently  most schools all across America use books published in Texas state that these educators have been trying to remove Thomas Jefferson from, rename “slavery” and white-wash Christianity, leaving out all the horrors conservative Christians have been responsible for including Columbus, Purirains, KKK, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-worker, anti-gay, anti-anything not like themselves. They would like just to leave the good Christians have done without all the other “non-essentials” much like how they view healthcare, food stamps etc. Conservative Christianity has actually never helped anyone, except those who follow that ideology. Most people from other countries know more about our history that most people in the USA. Unless of course you include the evil secular liberal schools and universities that teach actual history regardless of which “party” looks bad. Like mentioned in the article, the uneducated are the easiest to control, some of our founders believed this, even Jefferson wanted school to be free, (I know he had slaves and he wasn’t perfect and the is part of history, I don’t ignore, but I an talking solely about education). It is no coincidence that Conservative Cheistisns in the USA have had and more so now, their socialized educations paid for by the rest of us via vouchers, the benefits of non-profit status and laws created specifically for them. I even remember Rick Santorum when he ran for president recently that college is not really needed in today’s world, along with all the other Tea-Party people who, not surprisingly themselves have gone to school, many to repeatable ones like Harvard. I cannot say enough to people, that the Conservative Christian movement has been and always will be pure evil. I’ll even pull a Hitler here: Yes, he was a Christian. Now today even Conservative Christians will say he “wasn’t a real Christian”, but their idea of “real” seems to change with the times. Will one day they look upon today’s Conservative Christians and say they weren’t real Christians too. I already know the answer to that question. These people make America and Americans abroad unsafe. For instance, gays in Russian and Uganda are the most recent countries effected by American Conservative Christisns, most with connection to non-profit organizations that refuse to expose where they get their money from and who many are part of the USgovs love affair with “faith based” entities made glaringly obvious under GW Bush by executive order if I remember correctly then unfortunately expanded by Obama who I believe was only doing it to try to make people believe he was a Christian, people meaning those who still believe today, regardless of what he does, that he is a Nigerian Muslim, the anti-Christ. Lesson there is, don’t try and coddle religious extremists like Conservative Christians.
I am not a writer so I tend to have many run on sentences, also, I only use an iPhone for now, so I may have missed some/many errors, but I feel satisfied I’ve shared my thoughts, though two more things.
First: I want to than the writer for this article: Hrafnkell Haraldsson
who have the ability to write with facts that teach history not just opinion.
Second: I would like to suggest a few organizations that help fight the good fight, along with some DVD, URLs
Suggested DVDs:
(If links don’t work a simple search will find them)
‘Imagine If All Atheists Left America’:
‘Constantines Sword’:
‘Theologians Under Hitler’:
‘The God Who Wasn’t There’:
‘A brief rundown of the cost in human lives exacted by religion and religious warfare’:
I tell every one to support those who fight for ‘Separation of Church and State’. These are a few I’ve been supporting for years;
Americans United for Separation of Church and State:
Freedom From Religion Foundation:
Military Religious Freedom Foundation:
The Interfaith Alliance Foundation:
Disclaimer: Many of the following links go to a blog I used to use up until recently, but this is  not a plug, it’s a place where I would compile information, no need to share the URL or give me credit, just give credit to the sources I give credit to who provided me with all the information please!
Suggested Books:
American Taliban
Also go here for many more interesting reading to pass along and do a search of any topic. The blog mostly covers religious topics:
The Threat of the Religious Right is as Old as Christianity
By: Hrafnkell Haraldsson
Sunday, October 20th, 2013

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