Update: “Puppy Doe”, Donation Info, Petitions, FB

Update: “Puppy Doe”, Petitions, FB pages, Donation Info, Articles

*Justice sought for Kiya
Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013

* Pictures – Before and After WARNING: http://tinyurl.com/nr69txq

* Petition – Help find the torturers of “Puppy Doe”: https://www.causes.com/actions/1760719-help-find-the-torturers-of-puppy-doe

* Petition – Punish the person (s) responsible for the torture of Puppy Doe – also known as Kiya:

* Petition – Justice for Puppy Doe: BAN the “Free Pets” Category On Craigslist:

* Facebook Community – Help find the torturers of “Puppy Doe”:

* Facebook Page – Justice for “Puppy Doe”:

* Justice for Puppy Doe – Universal Hub:

* The ARL is accepting donations on its website to put toward the reward:

Anyone with information, is asked to contact:

* Animal Rescue League
Email: cruelty@arlboston.org

* Quincy Police Det. Thomas Pepdjonovich


* HSUS Launches Its “First Strike”
Campaign Focuses on the Link between the well-documented connection of Animal Abuse and Human Violence

* Original Articles:

Puppy Doe’s Injuries Include (so far made public):

*splitting her tongue into serpent-like form
* burned her nose
* broken ribs
* fractured skull
* stabbed in eye days before she was found by possibly a knife
* dislocated shoulder, elbow, wrist and ankle, (joints pulled apart like Medieval torture called “drawing”)
* leg bone broken in two
* beaten
* starved, weighing 18 lbs, which is less than half for dog her size
* repeated blows to head leaving calloused bone
* top of back vertebrae smashed from repeated beating on her back by a board or baseball bat
* unable to walk (was dumped not wandering)

Read Animal Rescue League Report for in-depth findings (PDF)


The Animal Rescue League of Boston is offering a $5,000 reward for information in the case of a dog that was tortured so badly, it had to be euthanized.

The pit bull mix was found on Carrolls Lane near a playground in Quincy on August 31 suffering from a number of injuries.

State Rep. Louis Kafka (D-Stoughton) called the abuse “sickening” and said he will file a bill to toughen punishment of animal abuse, which now draws a maximum five years in prison and a $2,500 fine.

“It’s obvious that what’s on the books now, they really don’t know or care what the laws are,” said Kafka, who already is pushing a bill toughening other parts of the animal abuse laws. “I think we have to look at existing penalties, and where they can be increased, increase them.”

Earlier this week, police went public with details of the abuse in an effort to find the person responsible.

Since that time, the Animal Rescue League says it has seen enormous public interest in the story.

“We have been deeply moved by the outpouring of support from people all over the U.S. , looking to help us identify who inflicted such pain and suffering on Puppy Doe,” Mary Nee, president of the ARL said in a news release.








It’s a Felony to abuse an animal in MA. The woman in Grafton should be forced under oath to give as much information as possible because she is an accessory to the Felony. And to those who believe this is just about a dog, think again, it has been long documented that those who abuse people usually start with animals, like Jeffrey Dahlmer. The HSUS released information called “First Strike” explaining the corelkatin between animal abuse and human abuse. When children abuse an animal, they see it in other forms in their lives like beings used themselves or one of their parents beating the others. Thus is such a severe case, much worse than neglect, which is horrible on its own, but the extent of abuse from May to August, is the information is correct, means the dog may have been tortuted even daily. A knife into the eye is not just simple abuse, that is torture and I can almost hear the sounds if the puppy screaming. I can only hope no one is afraid to come forward, that would be the only reason why in my opinion, which means even more to me that the Grafton woman knows the person or persons personally who did this. For a chance of sounding like a CSI episode, I bet it’s one if her sons, or boyfriend that she has always “protecting.”


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