Between 4 & 6 Million people lose food assistance benefits under Republican proposal

(NOTE: So cut food stamps so families can go and humiliate themselves by going to soup kitchen. Not everyone tells people they get food stamps. So this money will likely go to churches who run these types of things, so more money to churches who can turn away gay families even if they are starving or make homeless gay transgendered folk prayer about their lifestyle before getting help, and doesn’t this mean bigger government? Who is going to oversee which organization gets what amount of money? Who is going to pay for all the time Congress spends on arguing which ones can tell rape victims to not take the morning after pill when they are just seeking shelter from an x-boyfriend who beats and rapes them? I could go on but I’ll make it short and not so sweet: More money going private religious tax exempt and some laws exempt entities that can push their religious agenda and discriminate against gays, any non-Christians, and any one who won’t show them their “papers”. No good can come of this and the Conservatives know this and just don’t care if those not like them suffer and pay for them and their own kind to live above the laws we all have to follow and live in luxury compared to the rest of those who need help. If I could I’d Annihilate the whole bunch of them. They speak of evil destroying our country whenever any minority wants equal rights, this include the poor, elderly, mentally ill, along with the more obvious ones….when it is them that are the actual Devil, Satan Himself ! They are greedy and nasty people and liberal minded folks would be the first to help them when they are in need while they are the first to turn their back on the neediest of them all.)


What You Need To Know Before This Week’s House Vote On Food Stamps


House Republicans plan to vote Wednesday on the Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act, the remaining half of the policy traditionally referred to as the farm bill that would deal with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, otherwise known as food stamps). The House passed the portion that relates more directly to agriculture in July.



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