Conversations with a Apologist Conservative Christian

* The Puritans were Christians and they hung Quakers and people they thought were “witches”.

“Oh, but that was so long ago, things have changed”

* Hitler stated he was a Christian and used his religion all the time to back up his behavior.

“Oh, but he wasn’t a “real” Christian”

* Some of the Founding Fathers of the USA were Christian, but they supported slavery.

“Oh, but that was so long ago, Christians don’t believe that was right today.”

* The KKK lynched black people all across the USA using bible quotes to support their behavior.

“Oh, but they weren’t “real” Christians either.”

* When woman wanted to right to vote, get an education, work outside the home, leave an abusive husband or wear pants, it was Christians who fought against this legally in government and in the general population all over the USA.

“Oh, but things change, that was then, we’ve all moved past that.”

* When a white person wanted to marry a black person, it was illegal, even in the 1960s and the law was even used by Mitt Romney the Mormon when he was the Governor of MA, to not allow people from other states the ability to get married in MA, where it was legal for same sex partners.

“Oh, that’s a “state” issue”

* Westboro Baptist Church aka God Hates Fags Church travels the country picketing gay people’s funerals and those that support them

“Oh, but they are not “real” Christians”

* Westboro Baptist Church started picketing soldiers funerals saying God wanted them dead, because the USA tolerates gays.

“Oh, but they are not “real” Christians” and now that its soldiers we should make their behavior illegal. When it was just gays it was a “state” issue and more of a “freedom of speech” issue”.

Ad infinum


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