Obama’s War for Peace, Averted? & more

Sept 10, 2013

Obama’s War for Peace “‘Peace requires responsibility,’ the president said when he accepted his Nobel Peace Prize. He could say those words again Tuesday night about his proposed Syria strike, says Jon Favreau.” DailyBeast.com

War Averted? U.S. Open to Russian Proposal for Syria to Hand Over Chemical Weapons By Dan Roberts, Julian Borger, The Guardian “White House gives cautious welcome to Russian plan after John Kerry suggests Syria has one-week window to avoid strikes.” AlterNet.org

Right-Wing Media’s Love Affair With Putin Continues Over Syria “Right-wing media have rushed to heap praise on Russian President Vladimir Putin for a proposal to allow Syria to avoid U.S. air strikes by surrendering…” Media Matters for America

Rebels divided over support for US strike “BEIRUT: Secular and Islamist rebel fighters in Syria are divided over support and opposition for a proposed U.S. strike against Bashar Assad’s regime, …” The Daily Star

Syria and the Church “Today in my Sunday school class, we started off talking about the separation of church and state, and by the end we were talking about Syria. Syria also came …” Patheos (blog)

Americans United About Syria Intervention & President Obama … “…it seems the vast majority of citizens think the United States should keep its nose out of the middle eastern country’s bloody civil war.” The Stir

Obama’s Case for Syria Didn’t Reflect Intel Consensus by Gareth Porter “Contrary to the general impression in Congress and the news media, the Syria chemical warfare intelligence summary released by the Barack Obama administration Aug. 30 did not represent an intelligence community assessment, …” DandelionSalad

Public opposition might doom Obama’s Syria efforts “President Barack Obama is starting a huge media push to gain support for a limited attack on Syria, but he faces a skeptical public and a divided Congress.” National Constitution Center, Constitution Daily


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