Conservatives demand to know why liberals can’t stop talking about this Ted Cruz fellow

Aug 23, 2013

Is it because he went to Harvard? Or is it maybe the whole “trying to shut down the government” thing?

Alex Pareene

“Liberals write about Ted Cruz because conservatives are obsessed with him. He is one of the most popular politicians on the right, winning conservative straw polls and sitting among the top of the pack in opinion polls of Republicans nationwide. He is very good at drawing attention to himself, something that often seems to be his primary goal as a senator. He is not just hated by The Left, he is hated by many Republicans. He has gotten into fights with John McCain.

But the biggest reason he has been getting so much attention lately isn’t the Ivy League thing, or even the Canadian thing. It’s the “holding the country hostage until his impossible demands are met” thing. He is the loudest and most prominent figure behind the recent plot to shut down the government unless Obamacare was defunded — a plot that was notable mostly because the idea was so popular on the activist right that it seemed for a time like it might actually happen. Cruz has spent months, with the backing of prominent allies like the Heritage Foundation, pushing shutdown as a prudent and popular strategy. This has led to an outpouring of writing — from conservatives — politely begging Republicans not to listen to Cruz.

The media can’t stop talking about Ted Cruz because Ted Cruz is doing everything he can to get the media to talk about him. “Why can’t you stop talking about Ted Cruz” is the “why are you hitting yourself” of political commentary.”



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