The Right’s Perpetual Victimhood

By Oliver Willis
August 17,2013

There isn’t enough room up on the cross for all the conservatives who act as if the slightest indignity they suffer or perceive is equal to Jesus.

No matter the reality, righties act as if they and they alone are among the persecuted, despite the sometimes ridiculous lengths our society goes to treat their absurd beliefs/policies/ideas as perfectly legitimate.

Within the last 12 years, we are currently at the height of the conservative persecution complex. Under the presidency of Obama, a moderate, mainstream, center-left Democrat, the right acts as if they are being stamped out.

A bureaucratic screw up at the IRS is transmogrified into a conservative passion play, and standard issue IRS actions (audits, etc.) are recounted as the boot of the government crushing the conservative throat. Conservatives constantly mewl about their rights being taken away, yet can never actually point out a single one (hint: there aren’t any).

This hysteria doesn’t even include the absurd race-based conspiracies that have become conservative mainstream thought. Black panthers, black nationalism, black liberation theology, etc. have all been described as the “real” motivation behind Obama’s actions. The man who has more in common with Heathcliff Huxtable is described as the intellectual offspring of Huey P. Newton, Malcolm X, and The Boogeyman. Why? Because it allows conservatives to be the wimps they often accuse liberals of being.



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