You Don’t Have To Look or Act Gay To Be Perceived as a Threat

Statements, such as the following leave many unexplained specifics as to what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

It seems that for LGBT people, to follow the law in Russia, they should not talk, sit together, or even make eye contact with each other or anyone who may be perceived to be LGBT, or in a group of people where one is perceived to be LGBT:

“The law enforcement agencies can have no qualms with people who harbor a nontraditional sexual orientation and do not commit such acts [to promote homosexuality to minors], do not conduct any kind of provocation and take part in the Olympics peacefully.”(1)


The head of Russia’s National Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov stated it plainly.

“If a person does not put across his views in the presence of children, no measures against him can be taken,” Zhukov said. “People of nontraditional sexual orientations can take part in the competitions and all other events at the Games unhindered, without any fear for their safety whatsoever.” (2)

Such phrases as “to promote homosexuality to minors“, “put across his views“, and “conduct any kind of provocation“, leaves too much room for individual interpretation.

When two people LGBT or not, exchange a hug, a simple peck on the cheek or exchange an affectionate glance at each other in public, even the most innocent act by standards in American, can be perceived in many different ways to many different people, in every country, culture, and community.

However, if the people doing this are LGBT, or are perceived to be, it is often perceived as promoting and threatening in a conservative Christians opinions.

Even if two people of the same-sex just talk, that can be just enough for conservative Christians to start spreading lies, leading to the mob rule attitude which has lead many people to be driven from homes, jobs, refused to be served food or waited on, refused rental agreements for anything from cars, apartments and public places in the USA.

Even throughout history this has been the case with mankind. from Hitler, to the KKK, and from “Witch” trials in the past in the USA to “Witch” trials that still happen today in some parts of Africa. Ironically, these are the same places that want to have the right to legally jail gays or give them the death sentence.

People still get brutally beat-up and attacked for being LGBT or for being perceived as being LGBT in the USA, and many conservative Christians refuse to accept this, and those that are law makers, refuse to make it more safe for LGBT community. In fact, most violence towards LGBT in the USA is done by white conservative Christians.

There aren’t even laws in all the states of the USA that protect the basic human rights, protections and equality given to all US Citizens automatically, as stated in the US Constitution.

Two people don’t have to be having blatant sex in public to be perceived as a threat to children, the community or someone’s “way if life” in the USA, why would anyone think it would be any different in a more hostile environment towards LGBT like in Russia?


(1), (2)

MOSCOW, August 12 (R-Sport) – Russia’s Interior Ministry, which controls the police force, confirmed Monday that the country’s controversial anti-gay law will be enforced during the Sochi 2014 Olympics.


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