Hypocrisy of the “Pro-Life” Republican

Source: Democratic Underground


Republican: “I am Pro Life, every precious human being deserves a chance to live.”

Good, I am glad that you are such an admirable Christian.  This baby’s mother needs government assistance when it comes to food/housing


Republican: “Lazy welfare queen; no government assistance”

Hey this kids school needs government funding.


Republican: “Damn public schools and teacher’s union; pull their funding”

This kid needs an after school lunch program


Republican: “These programs are dumb get rid of them”

This kid needs to be on Medicaid



Now this kid is 18 and wants to go to college, needs help with a Pell Grant or Government Loan


Republican: “SOCIALISM”

Like I said this kid is 18 and wants to vote. The problem is he has no id because he never had a license, and since you took away his chance for college he doesn’t even have a school id.


Republican: “No id no voting”

This kid isn’t doing much with his life since he couldn’t afford school and got caught up in his bad soicial environment.  Unfortunately, he has killed someone.





You might be a Republican If…..

Red State, Republican, T-Bag, “Right-wing” & Conservative Christian Hypocrisy

“A Day in the Life of Joe Republican (Conservative)”

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