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Will Michele Bachmann be Investigated for Supporting Iranian Terrorist Group

Michele Bachmann Needs to Come Clean About Her Support for Terrorist Cult MEK

by Avidor, Saturday, March 17, 2012

This could be a big scandal for Michele Bachmann: see March 13th DB post Will Michele Bachmann be Investigated for Supporting Iranian Terrorist Group MEK? 




Can The World Get Any More Crazy….Why Sure It Can !

Rick Santorum Promotes Endorsement of Anti-Gay Extremists Sally Kern and Bobbi Radeck

Christian’s Oiling Roads To Save Souls, Makes Slippery Driving

Texas Sues The Federal Government For The Power To Suppress The Vote

Many forms of Occupy protests subjected to new bill making protests illegal

Romney’s Mormon Religion is Relevant as Long as He Opposes Church-State Separation

Abortion foes to say exorcism prayers in Ohio

Arizona out-crazies other contraception bills. Use birth control, get fired.

Jack Chick’s  “Was it ‘Global Warming’ or God’s Warning?” argues that extreme weather events in the US are due to the US not being friendly enough to Israeli interests. Presumably if we slaughter more Muslims, we will have fewer tornadoes.

Mississippi: Why is the Poorest State the Most Conservative State?

John Hinckley, Jr. had more of a relationship with Jodie Foster than any Christian has with Jesus Christ.

Oklahoma House of Representatives Turns Into a House of Worship

Christian Supremacism vs. Government Secularism

Texas loses Medicaid funding in effort to spite Planned Parenthood

Foxhole Atheist Murder Mystery The Houston Chronicle is reporting that a former soldier was killed because he was atheist

A Day Of Prayer During the Year of Bible in Pennsylvania

9 Strategies to End Corporate Rule

Berkeley police chief sends officer to reporter’s home to alter story

35 Hateful And Stupid Rush Limbaugh Quotes That Should Anger Everyone

FUNNY: Save the Children Conservative Christain KONY 2012 Co-Founder, Jason Russell, Found Naked and Masturbating In Streets…….OMG…..Like No One Knew This Guys Closet Had Some Skeletons !!!

Why is the Poorest State the Most Conservative State?

(NOTE: red states get more from the usgov in handouts than blue and blue states pay more taxes to the usgov, which means, red states benefit for wealth distribution and socialism, and the blue states are the supporters for their welfare. i wish a bomb would just take them al out. when i say conservative christians are evil, the enemy of me, the usa and the world, i am not kidding, they suck the very life out of those of us who pay their way to be the lazy welfare queens they are.)


by vjack , March 14, 2012

“Mississippi often tops the list for the poorest state in the U.S. and the most conservative. Does one have something to do with the other, or is another variable involved? In this brief video, you’ll hear from some of my fellow Mississippians”.



Christian’s Oiling Roads To Save Souls, Makes Slippery Driving

Atheists Clean Up After Christians… Literally

Last year in Polk County, Florida, a Christian group performed “road-anointings” on several streets in an effort to cleanse the city.  It was all part of a campaign called “Polk Under Prayer.”



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