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Religious code Not Basis Of Laws – Legal Theory Enables Homophobic Evangelising US

Religious code not the basis of our laws

The new legal theory that enables homophobic evangelising in US schools

Rick Santorum Suggests Gay Marriage Supporters Don’t Respect Him

(NOTE: I not only disrespect people like Rick, those called conservative Christians, (known as being on the Religious Right politicaly, and most accurately nicknamed the American Taliban), I despise them and wish death upon them. If you think this is too cruel, I ask you to look at history, not the world, but just in the USA. People like Rick have always infiltrated political parties and passed laws against minorities including woman, gays, blacks, immigrants, Quakers, Mormons, even Catholics, children, mixed-race children, single mothers, immigrants, (etc), literally ALL minorities are demonized and told that God said they would destroy the traditional (white) family if not stopped before their agenda of taking over the world and forcing everyone else to accept them, support them financially and make others put their faith aside and be treated like lower class citizens than these minorities that want special rights. What is most astonishing is, the very ideology, call it Liberal ideology, has made it possible for Catholics like Rick and Mormons like Willard (Mittens) to run for office, and allow Sarah Palin to work outside them home and even speak her views for that matter. In fact, all you have to do is, look which group of people speak out the loudest of being persecuted and having their rights taken away, while wanting special rights, exemptions from certain laws, legal protections and demand we all gather and stop the agenda of a minority that wants to take over our country, and you will see the very people that have been helped the most, by the types of people they are trying to demonize, the more liberal minded who want the USA to be “We the People” and not the theocracy the Puritans desired prior to our founder writing “We the People”. Regardless of how flawed they may have been, the idea that a group of any people are in power to vote for their government was literally considered treasonous. Those who fought against this, were also just like those who follow the ideology Rick, Mittens, Palin, Bachmann, Bush (etc) follow: Conservatism, Christian fundamentalism, when combined becoming more powerful combing church and state; Conservative Christians. Not to toss Hitler into the picture to detract from any legitimacy to my argument, but he is and was the best example in recent history, more widely know that what the Puritans were really like, so I use him as an example. Hitler used conservatism and Christianity to get his followers to do his bidding. There are many books written about this and only Holocaust deniers think this is fictional history. A DVD I watched that opened my eyes to this, and scared the hell out of me by exposing just how easily the USA could follow in his footsteps, titled ‘Theologians Under Hitler’ is my first suggestion to everyone.)


January – March 2012

Controversial atheist billboard partially torn down, replaced

Ontario City Council Members Wants to Reinstate the Lord’s Prayer

The Religious Right’s Plot To Take Control Of Our Public Schools

Palin: Obama to wants ‘go back’ to slavery era 

Kansas Republicans look to profit off abortion taxes

Georgia lawmaker compares women to cows and pigs

Why Can’t You Smoke Pot? Because Lobbyists Are Getting Rich Off of the War on Drugs

Remember radio preacher, Harold Camping? He predicted the rapture would happen on May 21, 2011, and that the world would end on October 21 of the same year.  Thinks His Botched Predictions Were Beneficial

Republican Lawmaker Now Supports Obama, Says GOP Presidential Candidates ‘Would Take Women Back Decades’

Worst Liars and Cheaters Rich People – And they’ll cut you off in traffic, for that matter

Rosie O’Donnell Calls Kirk Cameron’s Anti-Gay Views Un-Christian

Pope denounces U.S. political push to legalize gay marriage

Translating Republican Talk About Religion

Holder to Explain Legality of US Killing Its Own Citizens – The case of Anwar al-Awlaki figures heavily in AG’s speech

U.S.-NATO bombers massacre children in eastern Afghanistan – once again!

Science book delayed when someone notices it’s written by creationists

The Creationists Are Looking for Targets

Why Do Right-Wing Extremists Have the Power to Force Doctors to Humiliate Women?

How Do Christians Reconcile Gambling with their Faith?

While Limbaugh Sheds Advertisers, Taxpayers Pay to Broadcast His Toxic Sludge to the Troops

Why Teaching People to Think for Themselves Is Repugnant to Religious Zealots and Rick Santorum 

Kelly Cassidy Proposes ‘Viagra Amendment’ To Ultrasound Mandate In Illinois

Pat Robertson Tornadoes Could Have Been Stopped If People Had Prayed

Former Church of England priests arrested over alleged sex abuse

10 Hilarious Right-Wing Freak-Outs Over Children’s Cartoons

Protestants Marrying Santorum Should Use Contraception

States slash birth control subsidies as federal debate rages

NYPD Spied On Muslim New Yorkers for No Other Reason Than Their Faith

2012 Presidential Candidate Scorecard  from the Secular Coalition for America

How do you get a parent to murder their own child

How Republicans Are Trying to Force You to Pay for Others’ Religious Beliefs – We shouldn’t have to subsidize the antiquated religious beliefs of a small minority.

Why the American Empire Was Destined to Collapse

Keep Church, State separate

Ayn Rand Worshippers Should Face Facts: Blue States Are the Providers, Red States Are the Parasites – There’s only one way to demonstrate who America’s producers and parasites really are.

Blacks and Republican Party

Republican Lawmaker Now Supports Obama, Says GOP Presidential Candidates ‘Would Take Women Back Decades’

When They Say “It’s Not About Birth Control,” You Know… It’s About Birth Control

15 Bible Texts Reveal Why ‘God’s Own Party’ Is at War with Women – They really can’t help themselves: Christian fundamentalists hate women because the Bible tells them to. 

Discussion of Ron Paul Tornado Victims Shouldn’t Get Aid – Federal money is ‘stealing,’ says candidate

Gay City News  Church Planting Blossoms into Homophobia

Santorum’s refusal to separate church and state is frightening

UN Fights Homophobia

Why Conservatives Can’t Fix Poverty

Tenn. Principal Quits After Telling Gay Students They’re Hell-Bound 

Faith, Stones and the Top Ten Catholic Teachings Rick Santorum Rejects

NHLers helping to end homophobia in hockey

Gromack and Stewart Respond to Pledge Controversy

Mac Deford, Olympia Snowe (and Barbara Bush) Confirm What We’ve Learned About Today’s Republican Party

Have we forgotten we live in a land of church-state separation?

Cranston High School West Prayer Banner Taken Down

The Woman Who Separated Church From State

Child Evangelism Fellowship’s After School Good News Clubs Proliferating in Public School Facilities

Utah Republican AG Derides ‘Help’ From Nativist Organization

Nativist Leader Recasts Immigration Fight as Religious Crusade

Birther Farce Proceeds in Georgia, Minus President and Basis in Reality

The March of Christian Dominionism, part  3 – How Christian Dominionists Combat Reality 

President Obama’s Faith-Based Council Drops Out of Sight

Alabama State Senator: Pay Increases for Teachers are Against ‘Biblical Principle’


Documenting the Catholic Sexual Abuse and Financial Crisis – Data on bishops, priests, brothers, nuns, Lawrence Murphy, Pope Benedict, Ratzinger, Bertone, CDF, Brendan Smyth, Ireland


Angry Father Bites Off His Son’s Penis

“Chinese doctors are now working to reattach a boy’s penis after his father bit it off.  The incident took place in Shenzhen, China when a 32-year old father attacked his son by biting his penis.  The father was walking his naked son and 4-year old daughter down the street and suddenly told his son to bite his penis.

The boy refused to do what he was told, and the father responded by biting his son’s penis instead.  Bystanders grabbed the man and held him down and the boy was taken to the doctor.   Physicians are not yet able to determine if the boy will ever have normal use of his penis again”.



Black Women HIV Numbers are Alarming

H.I.V. Rate for African-American Women Five Times Higher Than Average in Some Cities

“The study showed that the annual rate of infection was 24 per 10,000 African-American women in six cities: Baltimore; Atlanta; Newark, New Jersey; New York City; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; and Washington, D.C. Nationally, African-American women’s rate is 5 per 10,000. In the Congo, it is 28 per 10,000



USDA defends feeding school children ammonium-t​reated ‘dog food’

Brasscheck TV, Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 12:05 PM :

Let’s put it this way, if they had been caught doing this in the 1980’s they would have called it what it is, dog food, but because the laws changed in the 1990’s it is now called “filler”.

This video exposes the details behind “pink slime” found in more than 70% of USDA approved ground beef found on grocery store shelves.

In the accompanying article, the Department of Agriculture is defending the use of ammonium-treated filler in meals destined for schoolchildren as part of the national school lunch program.

Good grief! I thought the chicken nuggets were bad…



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