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Birth control boosts women’s salaries and saves country money

How birth control boosts women’s salaries:

“Expanded access to birth control has an impact on state governments, too: A study out this week from The Brookings Institute’s Adam Thomas finds that every dollar Medicaid spends on expanding family planning programs saves a state $5.62 by reducing unintended pregnancies”.


(NOTE: The most comical part of this whole birth control discussion is that, “red” states, those more republican, conservative and Christian, who generally support ‘abstinence only’, call Obama a ‘socialist’, support not allowing gay people the right to marry, and have a history of being against allowing woman and black people to vote, have more unwanted/unplanned pregnancies than “blue” states. Another comical point is, “red” states get more money/help/pork from the US government than “blue” states, meaning, while the “red” state folks are calling Obama a ‘socialist’, they themselves are enjoying the distribution of wealth, taking money from the “blue” states, to support their welfare state.)

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