UK Christians are not “persecuted”, says England’s top Catholic

“The leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, the Rt Rev Vincent Nichols, has responded to the recent debates over “militant secularism” by saying that he does not believe Christians in Britain are the victim of persecution.” Read full post


The Evolution of Gay Rights in Under 7 Minutes

Democrats Hold Contraception Hearing, No Men Testify

Lawmakers  In Other States Claim They Have No Idea They Are Mandating Vaginal Probes

Against the barbarians – Humanism was not the opposite of religion but of self-absorption and totalitarianism

Has the GOP Become a Cult?

Varieties of irreligious experience – There are many ways not to believe….The evoluton of atheist thought

The Republican Nominating Contest is Decadent and Depraved

Lawmakers In Other States Claim They Have No Idea They Are Mandating Vaginal  Probes

No argument – In America rationalists find themselves in a new battle – opposing the passing of ‘academic freedom’ laws that allow the undermining of science in the classroom. Paul Sims reports

Virginia Senate Approves Anti-Gay Adoption Bill

How ‘Power’ Christians Ignore Jesus

What kind of humanist are you? – Are you hardline or happy, hedonist or hounded?


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