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The White House’s Dangerous Dance With the Birth Control Mandate

February 9, 2012

by RH Reality Check

“This week, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Obama campaign senior advisor David Axelrod signaled that the White House, having finally decided to include coverage of birth control as part of primary health care benefits under health reform after studying it for well over a year, is now “willing to compromise.”

Translation? The White House is considering “accommodations” to the policy.

Many of my colleagues disagree with my take on the situation. Many have pointed me to, and I have read, the so-called clarification on Tuesday by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney of what Axelrod really meant. I also read the further clarification made on Wednesday. I don’t find either very clarifying. In fact, I find them worrisome”.




Atlanta Street Gang Members Videotaped Brutal Hate Crime Attack On “Faggot”

Atlanta Street Gang Members Videotaped Brutal Hate Crime Attack On “Faggot”

“Members of an Atlanta street gang were filmed beating a man who was brutally assaulted because “faggots” were not allowed in their neighborhood, according to a videotape of the apparent hate crime”.


“…..the video opens with an unseen cameraman and a second man outside the grocery store. The second man announces, “Round one. Jack City. No faggots.” Then, after a diminutive man exits the grocery, an assailant approaches him from behind and delivers a brutal punch to the side of the victim’s head. The man’s cell phone flies from his hand and he crumples to the ground.

The victim is then set upon by three men who punch and stomp him while he tries to cover his head. One of the attackers–who is wearing a shirt with “Jack Gang” imprinted on the back–even strikes the victim in the head with a tire.

As the man is beaten, the giggling cameraman announces, four times, “No faggots in Jack City.” An onlooker can be heard saying, “No faggot, man.” The video ends after one assailant picks up the victim’s cell phone and then punches the man in the head while holding the device”.



(Note: People just need read the comments to the video on the website to realize why what happened in the video happened. America not only has enemies all over the world for the way their government treats others, the people of America are at war with each other and the government likes this, because it keeps the focus off themselves. It’s just one tactic in many that can be used to control the masses; keeping them at each other’s throats, supporting the hatred between them, then let them eat cake. Humans have been doing this since time began. Religion has been used whenever this happens, whether it be witch trials, lynching black people, Puritans killing Quakers, calling all Muslims terrorists, these are all backed by the religion with the most power in the USA, and that is Christianity. The ironic part is, the way that Christians act, is more likely to attract haters, the very type of people so many of them say they don’t support. I understand full well not all Christians are alike, just as not all Muslims are terrorists, but when politics is allowed to be controlled by religion, that is when religion has left the darkest marks in history on the human race. Hitler used Christianity, and who doesn’t know why he is. The Catholic church got away with raping children for years and id rarely held accountable, yet they are demanding laws be made to protect them from and give them special rights and exemptions from the law when it comes to anything to do with sex, lie birth control. Those who follow religion in an extreme way, are also attracted to extreme politics, leaving us with the most vicious movements, hell-bent on making everyone else follow the rules they place in the form of cultural norms and laws. In the USA, we have the conservative Christian movement. Also known as the ‘Religious Right’ and the ‘American Taliban’ to many. Throughout history, it has been proven time and time again, the more religion has power in a community, state or country, the more unrest there is among the people. This unrest comes in the form of oppression, violence, inequality and again, groups at war with each other, while a small handful who watch from afar, make money, own land, control the masses. History has also shown, this is what brings the downfall of all great cultures. This can happen when, like in Rome and currently in the USA, less and less attention is given to the needs of the very people who support the government making all the decisions for them. Until religion is removed, this will never change. Common sense and not religious dogma is what is needed for people to learn to treat each other as equals and with respect. I have asked, for many years now, where in history has ‘conservative’ ideology ever been helpful to mankind? So far, no answer. The same actions happen over and over; conservatism and religious extremism are attracted because they have the same mission; to homogenized, control and take as much as possible without being caught.)

Supreme Court Affirms Religious Exception Allowing Discrimination, Retaliation

Tuesday Feb 7, 2012 1:59 pm, By Josh Eidelson

“In an e-mailed statement, Rev. Barry Lynne, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, echoed the Solicitor General’s concern. “Blatant discrimination is a social evil we have worked hard to eradicate in the United States…” said Lynn.  “Clergy who are fired for reasons unrelated to matters of theology—no matter how capricious or venal those reasons may be—have just had the courthouse door slammed in their faces.”



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