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Texas TBagger Doctor Indicted In Largest Medicare Fraud In History


“Federal law enforcement officials announced what they called the largest healthcare fraud case in the nation’s history, indicting a Dallas area physician for allegedly bilking Medicare for nearly $375 million in billings for nonexistent home healthcare services.

Top Justice Department officials, working for several years to stem a rampant rise in healthcare fraud around the country, also revealed Tuesday that 78 home health agencies that were working with the physician, Dr. Jacques Roy, will be suspended from the Medicare program for up to 18 months.

FBI agents in Texas arrested Roy, of Rockwall, Texas, a physician for 28 years, and asked a federal judge in Dallas to keep him in custody until trial, citing his vast “bank accounts, a sailboat, vehicles and multiple pieces of property” as indications he may attempt to flee.”



International Law, Birth Control, Banning Interracial Marriage…etc

“As I understand the Christian religion, it was, and is, a revelation. But how has it happened that millions of fables, tales, legends, have been blended with both Jewish and Christian revelation that have made them the most bloody religion that ever existed? How has it happened that all the fine arts, architecture, painting, sculpture, statuary, music, poetry, and oratory, have been prostituted, from the creation of the world, to the sordid and detestable purposes of superstition and fraud?”

~ President John Adams calling Christianity “the most bloody religion that ever existed”


Wisconsin GOP Going After Webcam Abortions: “Wisconsin Senate Republicans passed a series of additional  restrictions on women seeking abortions.  Like so many of these aggressively restrictive bills, their rhetoric is cloaked in “helping” and “protecting” women despite the fact the  restrictions do neither”.

Rick Santorum Is Wrong About Church/State Separation: Rick Santorum doesn’t believe in church/state separation and that should frighten everybody, religious and non-religious.

Employers don’t have to cover contraception, vaccines, HIV medication, mental health drugs, or any other preventive care, simply by saying, “I don’t believe in that.” 

Understanding Santorum, Romney, Bachmann, Palin, Santorum, (etc…) : “Defined in its simplest form, Christian Dominionism is a political approach to Christian faith based on a literal interpretation of Genesis Chapter 1 verses 26 – 28 of the Christian Bible. Believers perceive themselves as the “chosen” or the “elect”, commanded by God to “subdue” the earth and “have dominion” over all living creatures. The goal of Christian Dominionism in the United States is to abolish Separation of Church and State, establishing it as a distinctively Christian Nation based upon Old Testament Mosaic Law. Dominionism is an umbrella term that harbors many divergent franchise groups claiming a foundation in Christianity”.

Student Whose Article About Atheist Discrimination was Banned from School Newspaper Gets $1,000 Award from the ‘Freedom From Religion Foundation’ (FFRF): “…a high school student from Tennessee, had her opinion piece about discrimination against atheists banned from her school’s newspaper”.

Santorum is sick: says that JFK’s separation of church and state speech and the thought of a secular society makes him want to puke : “Apparently Rick Santorum hasn’t been feeling well of late, and that the American secular democracy makes him want to puke.  The Washington Post and many other Internet sites report that  not only does the thought of secular society as we have it now where people of all faiths contribute to government makes Santorum physically sick, when Santorum read JFK’s 1960 Houston address on separation of church and state that “he almost threw up.”  Kennedy was addressing concerns that his Catholic faith would dictate how he governed as president….”

Coming Out As An Atheist Isn’t Easy

The Violence of Deformed Christianity: “Not only is violent behavior a generally accepted part of American life, but most Americans, including Christians, believe violence is an acceptable way to resolve disputes, an attitude that conforms with the Christian Faith as practiced for the last 1,900 years. But that attitude was never part of Jesus’s message. Violence cannot be found anywhere in the recorded teachings from the life of Jesus.”

Why Is Atheist Content Being Flagged As Inappropriate on YouTube?

The Loving Story: “The law banning interracial marriage was called the Racial Integrity Act and went to nearly insane lengths to keep blacks from marrying whites. Sound similar to another heated marriage discussion happening today”?

Interfaith Coalition Asks Candidates to Keep Religion Out of Politics

100,000  Lost Girls: “Who needs a Thai  hooker when you can order up a child prostitute on Craigslist or Backpage? The  child sex trade is booming in the United States, thanks in part to the ease and  anonymity of online classified ad sites”.

Yes, There Are Atheist Nurses

The Remotely Piloted American Way of Life: “When the first American drone assassins burst onto the global stage early in the last decade, they caught most of us by  surprise, especially because they seemed to come out of nowhere or from some  wild sci-fi novel. Ever since, they’ve been touted in the media as the  shiniest presents under the American Christmas tree of war, the perfect weapons to solve our problems when it comes to  evildoers lurking in the global badlands”.

Gay ‘Cure’ Video Removed from YouTube: “A homophobic video filmed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been removed from YouTube following a campaign by Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transexual Rights UAE (GLBTR UAE) and coverage by Gay Middle East, The Huffington Post, PinkNews, and Gay Star News“.

Apparently President Obama Isn’t the Right (White) Kind Of Christian For The GOP

Report: White House Dollars Helped Pay for NYPD Surveillance of Muslims: “Millions of dollars from the White House helped fund the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslims. The money came from a grant intended to help law enforcement fight drug crimes. Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the Bush and Obama administrations have provided $135 million to New York and New Jersey law enforcement through the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program, known as HIDTA”.

Two Suggestions for Ending Religious Oppression: “Whenever anyone tries to label our efforts against oppression as anti-religious, we must be ready to point out that our opposition is to specific behaviors and not the beliefs which may underlie these behaviors”.

Americans Abandon International Law: “After a decade of “war on terror” rhetoric – and President Obama’s failure to reverse many of George W. Bush’s extrajudicial policies – the U.S. public has come to accept that American “exceptionalism” puts the nation beyond the reach of international law, as Nat Parry explains”.

U.S. Marine Kissing His Boyfriend: Homecoming Photo Goes Viral: “A homecoming photo of a U.S. Marine caught in a passionate lip-lock with his boyfriend has gone viral in the blogosphere after it was posted on Facebook. The dramatic snapshot has drawn over 14,000 likes, and has received over 3,000 comments, since being uploaded to Facebook’s Gay Marines group“.

Atheists are right to challenge the sins of the Anglican church: “Why attack Richard Dawkins for pointing out the faults of Christianity?”

7 States Challenge Birth Control Mandate: “It’s not just the Catholic Bishops seeking to challenge the Obama  administration’s rule that employers that offer health insurance to their  employees must also provide coverage for birth control unless they are a religiously-exempt  organization. Thursday (Feb 24, 2012) seven states asked a federal judge to block the  contraception mandate on the ground that it violates the First Amendment rights  of groups that object to the use of contraceptives. The lawsuit, filed by  Republican attorneys general from Nebraska, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma,  South Carolina and Texas is the first legal challenge filed by the states”.

In Egypt, Christian-Muslim Tension Is On The Rise: “They threw rocks through the windows and set our building on fire. I was sure we were going to die,”

Occupying Jesus and His Church: “It is an inconvenient truth for mainstream and right-wing Christians that Jesus was crucified for taking his protest against income inequality to the power center of Jerusalem, where he challenged how money had perverted religious principles. Now, that tension is returning with the Occupy protests, Rev. Howard Bess says”.

Part III in a Three Part Series on Dominionism in the GOP: “Under the umbrella of Political Dominionism are numerous “franchises” or sects of radical Christian belief whose goal it is to take “dominion” over all things secular. They may have differing theological beliefs, but at the core they have a common goal of  inserting biblical law into American government. They falsely spin their message that America is a Christian Nation and that only those who believe as they do should be at the helm, because after all, they know what is best for us. Putting it VERY simply…“Defined in its simplest form, Christian Dominionism is a political approach to Christian faith based on a literal interpretation of Genesis Chapter 1 verses 26 – 28 of the Christian Bible. Believers perceive themselves as the “chosen” or the “elect”, commanded by God to “subdue” the earth and “have dominion” over all living creatures. The goal of Christian Dominionism in the United States is to abolish Separation of Church and State, establishing it as a distinctively Christian Nation based upon Old Testament Mosaic Law. Dominionism is an umbrella term that harbors many divergent franchise groups claiming a foundation in Christianity”.

Jesus’s Teachings and the Tea Party:  “The Republican electoral resurgence – like Ronald Reagan’s original coalition – combines collaborative but often contradictory forces, from anti-government Tea Partiers and libertarians to corporatists who feast on government contracts and Christian nationalists who want government-imposed “morality.” But the “Christian” element of this coalition is especially problematic because it also tends to favor policies – from brutal warfare abroad to harsh treatment of certain minorities at home – that ignore Jesus’s core teachings of tolerance.  The Tea Party is especially clear in rejecting the “love thy neighbor” aspects of Christianity, insisting that government should get out of the business of seeking social and economic justice…”

Republican Family Planning: “Santorum and Romney’s war on contraception is about men”

Onward-Marching Christian Soldiers: “In 2008, Rick Santorum declared, “Satan has his sights on the United States of America.” Though sounding odd to many, Santorum’s Satan talk is common among right-wing Christians who have intervened in U.S. politics before, like President Clinton’s impeachment, as Frederick Clarkson noted in this 1998 article”.

Atlantic reporter shocked at hate toward Muslims boiling over on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page: “Really? Where have you been these last three years?”

War’s Corruption of Christianity: “At a time when many on the American Christian Right espouse the supposed “originalist” thinking of the Founders, it’s ironic that many show little interest in the “originalist” thinking of Jesus as recounted in the gospels. Rather than embrace the pacifist message of “the Prince of Peace,” many of these Christians have a quick-draw reaction to launching wars, a corruption of their religion that Gary G. Kohls traces back to Rome’s embrace of Christianity….”

Father Marcel Guarnizo, Maryland Priest, Denies Communion To Lesbian Parishioner At Her Mother’s Funeral

Santorum’s remarks on euthanasia insult, anger the Dutch: Rick Santorum made remarks about the Dutch elderly heath care at a Columbia, Missouri forum, hosted by James Dobson of Focus on the Family, which, according to Rachel Maddow’s Dutch translator, are funny, yet insulting to the Dutch, because apparently Santorum did not check his facts concerning the Netherlands.

Creationist-backed Alabama Bill Will Allow Churches To Teach Religion Classes To Public School Students: “A bill in Alabama would allow churches or ministries to teach a religion class to public school students off campus, so long as parents and school boards give permission and the churches are responsible for transportation and any expenses.”

US officers should hang over Koran incident: A top Iranian military commander said Saturday that nothing but burning the White House and hanging US commanders could remedy the pain caused to Muslims by the burning of Korans at a US military base…”

The Roots of US Religious Tolerance: “This wall of separation was born in Virginia and a Baptist was the prime mover. Subsequently, this principle was embedded in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution with the mandate that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.””

Hijacking Jesus’ Message

Editor’s Note: A core contradiction of the Christian faith is how a religion, based on the teachings of a martyred advocate for peace and the poor, could be transformed into an institution that justifies war and rationalizes extraordinary wealth.

In the United States, some politicians who brandish their Christianity as something of a campaign weapon would have you believe that Jesus favored invading other countries and wanted tax cuts for the super-rich. However, in this guest essay, the Rev. Howard Bess traces this contradiction to an ancient dispute:

How Jesus’s Message Was Hijacked:

By the Rev. Howard Bess December 6, 2010

The great religious divide in the world today is not a divide between Christianity and other religions, but rather within Christendom.

“The corrupting of Jesus’s message began soon after his death. His greatness became tied to King David, the most powerful king in the history of Israel. This conquering king became the image of the ideal Jesus, making Jesus a ruler of all rather than servant of all.

It is startling to realize how fast Jesus, the practitioner of the small tradition, was transformed into Jesus, head of the great tradition. Over the ensuing centuries, the vast majority of Christian church leaders has unwittingly embraced this switch, buying into the great tradition and selling out the small tradition”.

Full story:

Lady-Livestock, Conservatives: Cheat or Kill To Win, etc………

More  Ultrasound Bills Pop Up As Women Get Treated As “Livestock”

GOP Rep Says “Killing a Couple” of Democrats Only Way To Pass Ryan Budget

Texas  Takes Away Health Care From 130,00 Poor Women

Life Without God -Tim Prowse, United Methodist pastor for almost 20 yrs – Leaving the Ministry

Why Are Young People Leaving Evangelical Christianity?

Kidnapped for Christ Trailer

Bill Maher : the hypocrisy of evangelical christians

Anti-vasectomy bill, like Oklahoma’s “every sperm is sacred” measure calls out the hypocrisy of the wave of anti-reproductive health bills sweeping the country

Church Bans Interracial Couples


Jams Randi exposed the techniques used by Faith Healers

Pope’s child porn ‘normal’ claim sparks outrage among victims

Virginia Church Bans Girl Scouts for Planned Parenthood Affiliation and  Acceptance of LGBT Youth

UK Christians are not “persecuted”, says England’s top Catholic

“The leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, the Rt Rev Vincent Nichols, has responded to the recent debates over “militant secularism” by saying that he does not believe Christians in Britain are the victim of persecution.” Read full post


The Evolution of Gay Rights in Under 7 Minutes

Democrats Hold Contraception Hearing, No Men Testify

Lawmakers  In Other States Claim They Have No Idea They Are Mandating Vaginal Probes

Against the barbarians – Humanism was not the opposite of religion but of self-absorption and totalitarianism

Has the GOP Become a Cult?

Varieties of irreligious experience – There are many ways not to believe….The evoluton of atheist thought

The Republican Nominating Contest is Decadent and Depraved

Lawmakers In Other States Claim They Have No Idea They Are Mandating Vaginal  Probes

No argument – In America rationalists find themselves in a new battle – opposing the passing of ‘academic freedom’ laws that allow the undermining of science in the classroom. Paul Sims reports

Virginia Senate Approves Anti-Gay Adoption Bill

How ‘Power’ Christians Ignore Jesus

What kind of humanist are you? – Are you hardline or happy, hedonist or hounded?

Conservatives: Terrified By The Prospect Of Confronting Human-Caused Climate Change

First Environmentalism – Then Socialism!

Written by Keith Goetzman

To the power brokers of America’s right, climate change poses a dire  threat  to business as usual. Environmentalism, in fact, is seen by many  of them as a  stalking horse for an even more sinister force: socialism.  Progressive thinker  Naomi Klein expertly dissects this dynamic in her Nation article “Capitalism vs. the Climate,” explaining why the average  modern conservative is terrified silly by the prospect of confronting  human-caused climate change:

Responding to climate change requires that we  break every  rule in the free-market playbook and that we do so with great  urgency.  We will need to rebuild the public sphere, reverse privatizations,   relocalize large parts of economies, scale back overconsumption, bring  back  long-term planning, heavily regulate and tax corporations, maybe  even  nationalize some of them, cut military spending and recognize our  debts to the  global South. Of course, none of this has a hope in hell of  happening unless it  is accompanied by a massive, broad-based effort to  radically reduce the  influence that corporations have over the political  process. That means, at a  minimum, publicly funded elections and  stripping corporations of their status  as “people” under the law. In  short, climate change supercharges the  pre-existing case for virtually  every progressive demand on the books, binding  them into a coherent  agenda based on a clear scientific imperative. …

Climate change detonates the ideological  scaffolding on which  contemporary conservatism rests. There is simply no way to  square a  belief system that vilifies collective action and venerates total  market  freedom with a problem that demands collective action on an   unprecedented scale and a dramatic reining in of the market forces that  created  and are deepening the crisis.

Klein’s essay is well worth reading for anyone with an  environmental  consciousness who’s trying to understand why saving the  planet sounds so damn  scary to some people. I would say it undermines  everything they believe in, but  as Klein makes abundantly clear, they  don’t believe in much of anything except  preserving their own  privileged, comfortable lifestyles.

Read more:

Yes, I DO Want to Restrict Your ‘Freedom’…..Your Freedoms Impact Mine

I Am An Environmentalist. Yes, I DO Want to Restrict Your ‘Freedom’

“To truly defend “freedom”, we must first accept that it is not simply  about  getting to do whatever you please, and that one person’s freedoms  can easily  impinge on those of another”.

Read more:

What’s a “Christ”?

Source: Atheists’ Group – Yahoo Group

Children under 2yrs who screams in the night… a servant of Satan

Helen Ukpabio, Witch Hunter, May Be Coming to Texas

“You may have heard of Helen Ukpabio, the evangelical Christian from Nigeria who holds some despicable beliefs…..”


“if a child under the age of 2 screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health, he or she is a servant of Satan.”


Virginia and Vagina’s, Being Gay and Republican, Capitalism Makes us Crazy, etc….

With America’s Population Of Conservative Christians Taking Over Congress, The US Military, School Boards All Over The USA (etc), News Will Always Be Very Revealing Of Their Real Agenda: Take Over America, Take Over The World

In Georgia, a School Board President Faces Opposition Simply Because He Won’t Reveal His Religious Preference

Complaint looms against Minn. anti-gay-marriage amendment funders

Rick Santorum could take Republicans down with him

Is it really a stretch to imagine that Santorum’s recent statements about Obama’s “phony theology” and his hint at an Obama-Hitler comparison might actually help with GOP primary voters?

Pressure in the Workplace to Donate to Religious Charities

Romney fully embraces the anti-contraceptive mandate cause, accusing Obama of a “secular agenda,” another mark of how far to the right the primary has pulled him in advance of the general.

Sex, Sin & the 2012 Election

A simple solution to inequality: Stop talking about it

The GOP’s Santorum nightmare

Iowa Christian conservative organization comes out attacking the idea of preventing bullying of lesbian, gay and transgendered students

Virginia ultrasound bill at odds with medical standards

Ongoing study shows ultrasounds do not have direct impact on abortion decision

Minnesota school district drops anti-LGBT policy

National Organization for Marriage co-founder says equality does not require benefits for gay couples

The GOP’s war on women and our right to self-defense

Who owns the GOP Candidates

The relationship between mind and body health – and what the rise of capitalism has done to destroy both.

The rising power of crisis pregnancy centers – Critics raise questions as more states push women to visit anti-abortion pregnancy clinics

Mormon Baptism Controversy Now Includes Catholic Witness To Holocaust

GOP Plays Fascist Card

The Cognitive Dissonance of Being Gay and Republican: Paul Babeu, (Arizona sheriff and former Romney campaign manager), Speaks But Cannot See

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