Physical, Emotional, Sexual Abuse For Wife and Children, The “Christian” Way

madfloridian, Thu Dec-10-09

After watching Rachel tonight about Uganda and The Family, after seeing the Stupak amendment occur in the House, after watching the Democrats fail to stand up for women’s rights strongly and firmly….I have reached my tolerance limit on people who proclaim to be religious. They claim to be Christian, but for many there is nothing Christ-like about them. I was raised in the church, but I have little tolerance right now.

I never was really aware of this couple until I posted something about it the other day here. I was shocked at some of their techniques of punishment. I mentioned it to someone I was talking to yesterday, and that person told me that most of her friends at church used their ideas. I really felt odd when I heard that. I did not say much in return, but I did ask her about hitting small children with the pipe. She said she did not do that. I don’t know what other policies women at her church follow.

I found some more quotes from the Pearls’ book, “To Train up a Child”, at a book site. They are stunning to me. I find it hard to believe that people treat children like that. I was raised by parents who spanked, but only in really bad situations…and just a quick swat or two on the bottom. There was never any of that hitting with pipes and such as that.

To Train up a Child

Some excerpts from the book and from the Q&A at their website posted at the forum. The website is No Greater Joy

For instance, in one section a woman writes that her husband is verbally and emotionally abusive, has had numerous affairs, and is hurting her daughter, yet Debi Pearl states that the woman needs to stay with her husband because God hates all divorce. Yes, God hates divorce, but he also addresses infidelity and divorce in the bible (Matthew 5, Matthew 19) as well as saying that if anyone harms His children, they are better off to hang a millstone around their neck. Debi manipulates scripture to say that God will not save the woman’s child if she leaves her husband…. how audacious to declare that God, who created the earth, will not save a CHILD if her mother leaves her abusive husband!






Michael and Debi Pearl are the most abhorrent promoters, publishers and advocates of child abuse. Their warped ideas of child training are clearly nothing but the premeditated torture and physical abuse of children, using the most horrific of instruments. The children most at risk from the sort of violence promoted in these books and dvd’s, will come from Christian Fundamentalist backgrounds and will be homeschooled.

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