Last gay concentration camp survivor dies

(NOTE: Conservative Christians in the USA must be sooooo envious of the Nazi’s, they not only could say homosexuals will destroy their culture, they could actually do something about it: “The Nazis interned about 10,000 people for homosexuality, declaring it a disease which endangered the perpetuation of the German nation.”  Seeing as American’s pay their taxes, they fund the many conservative Christians, most in US Congress, that are able to fly around the world and try to get other countries to follow Nazi behavior, like Uganda, where there is a
“Kill the Gays” bill still being contemplated, and yes, where US Christians helped the Uganda President to get many people to support him on the law that would kill people for being gay, although it was shelved for now, but only because of the international outcry, the President of Uganda has made it clear, he will bring it back once international attention simmers down.)
By RFI, 04 August 2011

“The last survivor of the Nazi persecution of homosexuals has died in France. Rudolf Brazda, who was interned in Buchenwald concentration camp for 32 months, was 98-years-old.”


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