Conservative Talking Head Blames Those Who Helped America Proper

Tom Friedman Tries to Scapegoat Baby Boomers — He Should Remember That We Helped Forge American Prosperity

“Baby boomers did not contribute to the economic decline of America. Actually, they helped create consumerist prosperity with teenager allowances and middle age purchases……Just recently, for example, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, as he wandered through the streets of Greece,  wrote with Athenian authority that Baby Boomers were responsible for this country’s huge debt. Just because Eric Cantor and seventy-eight million other people fit into the rather vague category (1946-1964) of the Baby Boomer generation doesn’t mean that a particular generation caused the housing bubble, or turned our nation into one gigantic gambling casino. Yes, Virginia, there truly are people who daily bet against the economic health of the nation. “READ MORE

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