Christiantiy Trumps Equal Rights Again In The USA

(NOTE: Sounds like SW is trying to save face, not get boycotted by gays, who percentage wise, have more “disposable” money to spend with less of a need to pay for a bunch of screaming brats in airplane isles. I am sure no child has been informed that his/her behavior has bothered anyone and any parent that lets their child act like an asshole, we all know, are assholes themselves so there is no use in telling them about their little spoiled brats disrupting the other customers. They can always pull the trump card “Oh, they are just being kids” just as many Christians back up their asshole behavior with “In the bible it says”. So, it is a no win situation for everyone, unless you are a heterosexual white person or family who can get dark-skinned people and gay people tossed from a plane, or anyone else. It must give them a rush just like when the KKK used to hang black people and their supporters, when it was clearly outlawed, they still felt above the law. It all boils down to conservative Christians in the USA believing they run the country and should be treated better than all others, heck, we fund all their churches and schools and organizations to travel the world trying to convert people and even get gays killed legally, like they have been trying in Uganda and other places for decades, where they have been unable to do that here in the USA, even though they are still trying today. I support rounding this pigs up and eliminating them or sending them to a country that will.)


GLAAD Statement on Lesbian Passengers on Southwest Airlines: “Just like all couples, Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey should be able to express affection in public,” said Herndon Graddick, GLAAD’s Senior Director of Programs. “The widespread outrage around Leisha’s report demonstrates that fair-minded Americans will no longer stand for discrimination of gay and lesbian couples. Corporations need to ensure that employee training programs include best practices for welcoming all customers and that those practices are enforced.”


Southwest to ‘L-Word’ Star Passengers Complained About “Excessive” Lesbian PDA

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  1. […] Christiantiy Trumps Equal Rights Again In The USA September 29, 2011 […]


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