Christian Medical Groups Want Constitutional Rights for Fertilized Human Eggs or Zygotes.

(NOTE: These conservative Christians are all fine trying to make everything “human” but they are also the largest group of voters and members of congress that support forcing a 13 year old rape victim to carry her fathers baby to turn, to force woman to ask their husbands or boy friends if they can have an abortion, want to ban all forms of birth control, remove all help from the government that helps poor woman like WIC which makes sure moms get enough nutrition while carrying their baby and for both her and her baby after, along with destroying programs like “Head Start” that allow single moms to work full time jobs and have their children a safe place to go after school, instead of the moms just being on welfare and getting “stuck” in the system. These conservative Christians are scum of the earth and I support a law that would round them up and eliminate them all. Which is what they all want to do to gays, Muslims or anyone else not brainwashed by their cult and demented woman hating, slave loving pigs that there rulers are….even Hitler knew that people who like to be lead are conservative Christians, and look how successful he was at getting them to fall in line. I hate them all and wish them a slow and painful death.)



By R. Leigh Coleman, Sat, Sep. 24 2011

A broad based group of pro-life leaders and organizations, who formed a coalition to help pass the Personhood Amendment, says it’s gaining significant political traction to give constitutional rights to fertilized human eggs, or zygotes.

Mississippi pro-life groups have rallied for more than two years for the passage of a ballot measure this November that would redefine the word “person” in the state constitution to include undeveloped embryos.

Christian medical groups are now weighing in to endorse the amendments even though some medical professionals raise concerns that the amendment could have negative implications for women, such as banning certain kinds of birth control or in vitro fertilization.

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