Rainbow Flag Threatens Local Christians….So They Steal It From A Church

Rainbow flag stolen from historic Cambridge church

By Hannah Clay Wareham, Sep 20, 2011

A rainbow flag that has been hanging outside of Cambridge’s First Parish for a month was stolen last week, the church reported Sept. 20.

The outer countenance of Cambridge’s First Parish is a little less colorful this week following the theft of the church’s rainbow flag that’s been hanging outside of the historic building for the past month, and this isn’t the flag’s first departure.

During Hurricane Irene, the flag was found in a bundle outside of the church. Doubting that the storm could have had such an effect, the flag was restored 20 feet higher than it had originally hung. It was not accessible without a ladder and considerable effort, the congregation said, voicing fears that its second disappearance could have intentionally targeted the church’s LGBT members.

“It’s unfortunate that we have to respond to the spiteful acts of one or perhaps a handful of people who are themselves caught in the grip of fear and ignorance,” Senior Minister Fred Small said. “We have compassion for them, but we can’t ignore public assaults on our property, and far more important, on our principles. The rainbow flag will wave again at First Parish in Cambridge.”

The First Parish congregation is considering a re-dedication ceremony to raise a new rainbow flag and reaffirm their support for the LGBT community and commitment to human rights.



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