More To Scare The Poop Out Of You About Presidential Hopeful Michelle Bachmann

Bachmann’s “Dangerous” Summit

by Sarah Posner

More background on Bachmann’s fact-free world.

In his New Yorker profile of Michele Bachmann, Ryan Lizza quotes the presidential hopeful as saying that after becoming interested in the teachings of David Noebel, “I went on to serve on the board of directors with Summit Ministries.” Noebel, the Christian anti-communism crusader who until recently led Summit, teaches that the “Christian worldview” is superior to other “worldviews,” including secular humanism, Islam, and Marxism-Leninism, which are on a coliision course with Christianity.

Bachmann, however, did not serve on the board of Summit Ministries, according to its current executive director, John Stonestreet. Rather, she served on the board of a Minnesota non-profit, the Minnesota Summit Project, which was intended to encourage students in the state to attend Summit’s conferences. One of the founders of the Minnesota Summit Project was Jack Oakes, who was also one of the founders of The King’s College in New York City, whose current president is Dinesh D’Souza, the conservative pundit who argues that President Obama is motivated by “Kenyan anti-colonialism.” Last year, Noebel spoke at King’s, where he lectured students about what he claimed are the dangers posed by secular humanism and socialism to Christianity.

Bachmann, while campaigning for Congress in 2008, told the Summit-sponsored Christian Worldview radio program that “we need more biblical worldview” and “the principles that God stands for.”



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