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Starve the Beasts of War

John Glaser, September 16, 2011

The big-money rent-seekers in the military industrial complex have been lobbying hard against cuts to the defense budgets. The so-called “super-committee” – the group of representatives tasked with deciding where to cut – have been the target for that lobbying. Unfortunately, those representatives come from states where the some of the biggest military contractors build missiles, aircraft, jet fighters and tanks while employing tens of thousands of workers. That has long been a strategy of defense firms: to spread manufacturing bases of employment around the country to make cuts politically unpalatable to key politicians.

But those jobs are not the kind that really get the economy moving and boost productivity. They’re the kind that get their salaries from taxpayers who otherwise would have spent or saved it in productive ways and then build bombs, which only destroy instead of produce.

And that brings us to the new post from Robert Greenwald and Derek Crowe at War Costs pushing against this idea that military spending is good for job creation. It isn’t.

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Reported by Ernest Hancock


Wars Are Part Of The Very Nature Of Capitalism

“Wars between capitalist states are, as a rule, the outcome of their competition on the world market, for each state seeks not only to secure its existing markets, but also to conquer new ones. In this, the subjugation of foreign peoples and countries plays a prominent role. These wars result furthermore from the incessant race for armaments by militarism, one of the chief instruments of bourgeois class rule and of the economic and political subjugation of the working class.

Wars are favored by the national prejudices which are systematically cultivated among civilized peoples in the interest of the ruling classes for the purpose of distracting the proletarian masses from their own class tasks as well as from their duties of international solidarity.

Wars, therefore, are part of the very nature of capitalism; they will cease only when the capitalist system is abolished or when the enormous sacrifices in men and money required by the advance in military technique and the indignation called forth by armaments, drive the peoples to abolish this system.”

First published:

International Socialist Congress at Stuttgart,

August 18-24, 1907 Vorwärts Publishers, Berlin, 1907, pp. 64-66;


Bolsheviks and War, Lessons for today’s anti-war movement,

by Sam Macey 1985; Translated: by Sam Macey; Markup: Daniel Gaido

When A State Believes All Are Equal, Even Those Who Don’t Agree Must Obey

Ledyard, New York Town Board Fails to Uphold NY Marriage Equality Act

Sep 14

After meeting Monday night, the Town Board of Ledyard, NY has failed to address the Ledyard Town Clerk’s refusal to fulfill her lawful obligations and sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples. The meeting was held after People For the American Way Foundation, working with the law firm Proskauer Rose, LLP, sent a letter to the town supervisor demanding that the town clerk be directed to certify the marriages of same-sex couples or to resign. Additionally, People For the American Way Foundation has launched a petition calling on the clerk to do her job according to the law or else resign.

Myth: Raising Taxes on Wealthy Kills Jobs

Institute for Public Accuracy
980 National Press Building, Washington, D.C. 20045
(202) 347-0020 * http://www.accuracy.org * ipa@accuracy.org

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Myth: Raising Taxes on Wealthy Kills Jobs

CHUCK COLLINS, chuckcollins7 at mac.com, http://www.inequality.org
Collins just wrote the piece “A Tax Plan to Rally Around: The Buffett Rule,” which states: “Over the last decade — and really over the last fifty years — the portion of income paid in taxes by our wealthiest citizens has steadily declined. In 1961, when Barack Obama was born, the effective rate paid by households with income over $1 million was 43 percent. Today it is 23 percent. The richer you are, as Warren Buffett has illustrated, the smaller the percentage of your income you pay.” http://www.commondreams.org/view/2011/09/20-4

Collins is a senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies where he directs the Program on Inequality and the Common Good; he is also co-founder of Wealth for the Common Good, a network of business leaders, high-income households and partners working together to promote shared prosperity and fair taxation. He is co-author of “The Moral Measure of the Economy” and, with Bill Gates Sr., of “Wealth and Our Commonwealth: Why America Should Tax Accumulated Fortunes.”

SCOTT KLINGER, scottklinger at earthlink.net, http://businessforsharedprosperity.org
Klinger is director of Tax Policy for Business for Shared Prosperity. He said, “The notion that raising taxes on the wealthy will kill jobs is bunk. Job growth was much better before President Bush slashed taxes at the top and tilted the government even more heavily toward the big banks and corporations who killed millions of jobs by driving our economy off a cliff. Less than 3 percent of taxpayers with any business income make over $250,000 (couples) a year, and that includes corporate lobbyists, Wall Street investment partners, big business CEOs paid to sit on the boards of other big companies and others not commonly thought of as small business owners. It’s actually small businesses that create most of the nation’s new jobs, and they need the government to invest in 21st century infrastructure, education and economic development that tax revenue supports.”

FRANK KNAPP, sbchamber at scsbc.org, http://www.scsbc.org
Knapp is president of the Knapp Agency and president and CEO of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce. He said today: “In the last decade, wealthy Americans have gotten a trillion dollars in tax cuts, and we have a jobs crisis instead of job creation. Contrary to myth, money a business owner pays in employee wages or other business expenses is not included in the owner’s taxable income. Most small business owners have middle-class incomes, and personal income taxes don’t figure into our hiring decisions. Small business job creation is driven by demand for products and services, not tax cuts. When government cuts teachers, police, road and school repair, health care, unemployment insurance and other public services to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy that hurts Main Street businesses.”

For more information, contact at the Institute for Public Accuracy:
Sam Husseini, (202) 421-6858; or David Zupan, (541) 484-9167

Minaret of Freedom Institute: Differences and commonalities of the three major Abrahamic religions

Scott Horton Interviews Dean Ahmad
09-18-2011 AntiWar.com

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, founder of the Minaret of Freedom Institute, discusses the differences and commonalities of the three major Abrahamic religions; why Islam’s theological distinctions don’t make all Muslims into budding terrorists – despite what the Islamophobes would have you believe;


More To Scare The Poop Out Of You About Presidential Hopeful Michelle Bachmann

Bachmann’s “Dangerous” Summit

by Sarah Posner

More background on Bachmann’s fact-free world.

In his New Yorker profile of Michele Bachmann, Ryan Lizza quotes the presidential hopeful as saying that after becoming interested in the teachings of David Noebel, “I went on to serve on the board of directors with Summit Ministries.” Noebel, the Christian anti-communism crusader who until recently led Summit, teaches that the “Christian worldview” is superior to other “worldviews,” including secular humanism, Islam, and Marxism-Leninism, which are on a coliision course with Christianity.

Bachmann, however, did not serve on the board of Summit Ministries, according to its current executive director, John Stonestreet. Rather, she served on the board of a Minnesota non-profit, the Minnesota Summit Project, which was intended to encourage students in the state to attend Summit’s conferences. One of the founders of the Minnesota Summit Project was Jack Oakes, who was also one of the founders of The King’s College in New York City, whose current president is Dinesh D’Souza, the conservative pundit who argues that President Obama is motivated by “Kenyan anti-colonialism.” Last year, Noebel spoke at King’s, where he lectured students about what he claimed are the dangers posed by secular humanism and socialism to Christianity.

Bachmann, while campaigning for Congress in 2008, told the Summit-sponsored Christian Worldview radio program that “we need more biblical worldview” and “the principles that God stands for.”


Despite US Opposition, Cluster-Bomb Ban Moving Forward

Last week’s cluster bomb conference has come to an end, and according to Human Rights Watch has had a powerful impact, and the goals of moving forward with the destruction of the arsenal globally looks promising, despite the United States’ opposition.

Read more on the ban at Reuters

Rainbow Flag Threatens Local Christians….So They Steal It From A Church

Rainbow flag stolen from historic Cambridge church

By Hannah Clay Wareham, Sep 20, 2011

A rainbow flag that has been hanging outside of Cambridge’s First Parish for a month was stolen last week, the church reported Sept. 20.

The outer countenance of Cambridge’s First Parish is a little less colorful this week following the theft of the church’s rainbow flag that’s been hanging outside of the historic building for the past month, and this isn’t the flag’s first departure.

During Hurricane Irene, the flag was found in a bundle outside of the church. Doubting that the storm could have had such an effect, the flag was restored 20 feet higher than it had originally hung. It was not accessible without a ladder and considerable effort, the congregation said, voicing fears that its second disappearance could have intentionally targeted the church’s LGBT members.

“It’s unfortunate that we have to respond to the spiteful acts of one or perhaps a handful of people who are themselves caught in the grip of fear and ignorance,” Senior Minister Fred Small said. “We have compassion for them, but we can’t ignore public assaults on our property, and far more important, on our principles. The rainbow flag will wave again at First Parish in Cambridge.”

The First Parish congregation is considering a re-dedication ceremony to raise a new rainbow flag and reaffirm their support for the LGBT community and commitment to human rights.


The Pope Travels Home: Protest groups expect around 20,000 people to demonstrate

Abuse scandal, rows blight pope’s image

September 19 2011 at 12:05pm
By Richard Carter

Pope Benedict XVI’s election sparked joy in Germany, but the Church’s reaction to a sex abuse scandal and a series of controversies have dented his image ahead of his first state trip home.

“Wir Sind Papst” (“We are pope”) crowed Germany’s top-selling Bild daily in a famous front-page when Benedict was elected in 2005, encapsulating a nation’s pride in the first German-born pontiff for more than 500 years.

“It’s the sensation of the century,” the influential paper wrote, as the German Church noted the significance of a countryman elected to lead the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics 60 years after the capitulation of Nazi Germany.

But that was six years ago.


Cop Arrests Disabled Woman for Sitting

Source: TheAgitator.com

By Sep 17, 2011

A disabled Atlanta woman says she was sitting outside and waiting for the ice cream man when a cop showed up and ordered her to move. When she refused—because she wasn’t in anyone’s way, or doing anything wrong—the cop allegedly manhandled her and caused her to fall to the ground. Then he bought her a medium-sized cone.


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