Pat Robertson infuriates Christian faithful with Alzheimer’s comments

(NOTE: this man STILL gets GOP attention and runs their party….just like when Ronnie was rotting in the brain, Nancy “Home Wrecker Whore” sought out astrologists to run the country when this was all happening, while demonizing research that would of saved hundreds of thousands of lives from HIV/AIDs. She got it back in the face of course when she was in front of congress whining about Ronny’s disease that took his life and how important research is and why money should be used to help people….not sure if she still wanted to deny HIV/AIDS folks the same help at this time, but I am sure her astrologer, (Miss Cleo “call me now”) told her that her friendship with dictator loving Pat Robertson would bring back found memories of spending her last days with her scum bag adulterer husband Ronny Reagan. )





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