Government Is Accountable To All Of Its People

Ralph Greggs, Jamestown:

“When someone makes the claim that the United States government is accountable to a god, what they are really saying is that the government is accountable to their god. And all too often, the demands of one’s personal god tend to correspond very well with the wishes of that person, do they not? When someone claims that our government is accountable to a god, could that accurately be rephrased as meaning that the government should answer to the beliefs and prejudices of that specific person? And is that not a repressive road to travel?

The reason that the United States of America has achieved the level of equality and freedom that is has today is because it is, in principle, a government accountable to the people. Because of this realization, we have overcome slavery, suppression of women voters, and many other divisive atrocities. And recently, in New York state, we used this same principle to overcome the inequality of marriage.”



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