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Romney Advisor Poked Fun At The Expence Of Young Gays

Romney advisor mocks ‘It Gets Better’ on Twitter

An advisor to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and US Senator Scott Brown took shots at the “It Gets Better Campaign,” using a twitter account he created with a fake name.
The Boston Globe reports Eric Fehrnstrom used the alias Alan Khazei and under the Twitter handle @CrazyKhazei posted:  “I promise to devote all my time in office to making gay videos. Shame on Scott Brown for focusing on jobs!”

Brown, the only Republican member of the Massachusetts congressional delegation, was criticized for not participating in the It Gets Better project.  MORE


Born Again—and Brain Damage

By Russ Baker on Jun 9, 2011

A new study from Duke University researchers concludes that the Born Again experience may be connected in some way with shrinkage of a part of the brain, possibly caused by stress.

Significantly greater hippocampal atrophy was observed for participants reporting a life-changing religious experience.

“Hippocampal atrophy” involves the deterioration of the brain segment involved with retention and retrieval of information. In other words, short term and long term memory (plus the ability to navigate.)


Albert Einstein, one of the Great Humanists of Our Time

By Jerome McCollom on Aug 30, 2011

Albert Einstein was one of the greatest humanists of our times. He became famous for revealing how much of our universe works, through the theories of General and Special Relativity. But he used this fame to support and further humanist ideas.

He opposed the ultra-nationalism of the Kaiser Republic during WWI. Einstein considered himself more of a citizen of the world than of a nation-state. He believed in the higher ideals of freedom, liberty and a right to oppose one’s own government, even in wartime. Although he is made out as a devout religious believer today, he was attacked during his lifetime for his lack of belief in a god. He was attacked in letters to the editor for not having the religious views of most Americans.

He was criticized for his defense of those hauled before the anti-American Congressional committees that engaged in witchhunts against critics of the far right. He saw in these witchhunts, the echo of the Nazi government persecuting their own critics. The fascist leaning J. Edgar Hoover, the director of the FBI for decades, had Einstein’s mail opened, phone monitored and tried to have him connected to Soviet spies.

Dr. Einstein stated that those called to testify before these anti-American Congressional committees should refuse to answer not on 5th Amendment grounds, which would imply that the committee has some legitimate jurisdiction in asking a citizen who has commited no crime, but because it is a violation of their basic Constitutional rights and liberty to be made to answer to government officials about their views.

The Nazis in Germany didn’t develop nuclear weapons and one of the major reasons that they did not, was because of the Jewish background of Einstein and other scientists, especially when it came to relativity theory. To them science was to be denied because not to do so, in their opinion, would weaken their anti-semitism.


Sept.6, day the DNC launched in NC, 10 undocumented youth were arrested

DreamActivist California: Meet the North Carolina 7. Help us bail them out!

DreamActivist California is an undocumented youth-led statewide network of high school based groups and individuals committed to fighting for the rights of immigrant youth and our immigrant communities.

On Tuesday September 6th, the same day that the Democratic National Convention was launched in North Carolina, 10 undocumented youth were arrested….These 10 youth, are still in custody and are facing possible deportation, and they did it all to empower their fellow undocumented youth to drop the fear. By supporting these 10 youth, you are supporting countless undocumented youth in North Carolina and across the country.


Study examines race, sexuality, and perception

365Gay.com (blog)
By James Withers, 9-7-11

“We observed that people judge others based on sexual orientation even if they are not consciously aware of whether someone is gay or straight,” said doctoral student Jessica Remedios, the study’s lead author. “By understanding how sexual orientation affects the rapid evaluations we form about others, we can learn more about predicting and minimizing the negative consequences of homophobia.”


Way Too Much To Reveal About Crazy Politicians In Just One Day

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Judeo-Christian America: The Fall of the ‘Christian Nation’

Review by Edward J. Blum

Tri-Faith America: How Catholics and Jews Held Postwar America to Its Protestant Promise

Author Kevin M. Schultz

Oxford University Press, USA (2011)

I was David Barton once. Having had a conversion to evangelical Protestantism in the 1980s, I became convinced in the early 1990s that “liberal secularism” was destroying the nation and its educational system. I determined to use history to fight back. Examining primary sources from the founding of the United States, I set out to prove that America was built upon “Judeo-Christian values.”

I combed through colonial law and early state constitutions. I read as many speeches and letters as I could from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams. It was a tall historical task, especially since I was a teenager living in suburban New Jersey. My research and writing were sandwiched between basketball practices and flirting with girls (both of which I did with great earnestness and equally great ineffectiveness). Years later, my interest in religious history and justice (I really believed then that evangelicals were an oppressed minority) brought me to race, civil rights, and liberal causes. I thought I was unique; it turns out I was wrong.

Kevin Schultz’s new book, Tri-Faith America: How Catholics and Jews Held Postwar America to Its Protestant Promise, explains my story and so much more. This tremendous study examines how the belief that Protestantism, Catholicism, and Judaism defined the United States defeated the nativist vision of America as a “Christian nation”; how the concept of “Judeo-Christian values” were created to express the tri-faith belief; how tri-faith became standard operating procedure during World War II as the nation battled European totalitarianism and Nazi genocide; how it created new struggles in America’s suburbs, fraternal organizations, schools, and courts; and how it created a rhetoric for both the Civil Rights Movement and the rise of the new religious right. Through it all, Schultz brilliantly shows that between the labor-capital divide of the 1930s and the racial divide of the 1960s was an ideological contest over the religious composition of the nation.


Our Creeping Police State: How Going to the Mall of America Can Land You in an FBI Counterterrorism Report

How writing in a notebook, filming, or looking around too much can throw you into the spooky world of homeland security.

By G.W. Schulz, Andrew Becker, Daniel Zwerdling / America’s War Within

On May 1, 2008, at 4:59 p.m., Brad Kleinerman entered the spooky world of homeland security.

As he shopped for a children’s watch inside the sprawling Mall of America, two security guards approached and began questioning him. Although he was not accused of wrongdoing, the guards filed a confidential report about Kleinerman that was forwarded to local police.

The reason: Guards thought he might pose a threat because they believed he had been looking at them in a suspicious way.

Najam Qureshi, owner of a kiosk that sold items from his native Pakistan, also had his own experience with authorities after his father left a cell phone on a table in the food court.

The consequence: An FBI agent showed up at the family’s home, asking if they knew anyone who might want to hurt the United States.


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