Right-Wing members of Congress’ Immoral Budget, Blast Gay Marriage, Destroying Public Schools, Support for Torture & more……..

Take Action: Urge Congress to oppose divisive ‘In God We Trust’ resolution

Confronting an Immoral Budget

Mitt Romney’s Troubling Views on Religion in Government

Pat Robertson compares being criticized for being anti-Muslims to being called a bigot for standing up against Hitler

A Tale of Two Sessions: Religious Right conferees decry discrimination – but only when it affects them

At Eagle Forum conference, right-wing members of Congress blast gay marriage

Humanists warn of the ongoing fiction of unjust discrimination against Christians

Houston, We Have A Problem: Texas Governor Sponsors Stadium Prayer Rally

Poll – Evangelicals Support Torture

What’s the evidence that anxiety and insecurity turns people to religion?

Will the financial crisis turn people to religion?

Don’t Call It A Comeback: KKK Tries To Re-Brand

Celebrating Reason, Not Prayer

The Religious Right and GOP Escalate Battle to Destroy Public Schools

Religion and support for torture

10 commandments monument bill OK’d by House

House ‘Prayer Day’ Resolutions Divide America, Violate Constitution

Therapy to change ‘feminine’ boy created a troubled man, family says

Secular Coalition for America Disappointed by Kagan’s Weak Views on Church-State Separation

Government Unconstitutionally Forced Idaho Inmate To Participate In Religion, Americans United Tells Court

Eau Claire’s Prayer Snare: When it comes to religion, the best policy for government is hands off

Anti-abortion-rights group asks for money in order to defund Planned Parenthood ‘once and for all’

Anti-Gay Christian Pastor Charged With Public Masturbation

Ugandan Pastor Shows Gay Porn In Church To Stir Anti-Gay Sentiment

Georgia Megachurch Pastor Admits He Is Gay

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  1. […] Right-Wing members of Congress’ Immoral Budget, Blast Gay Marriage, Destroying Public Schools, Sup… June 8, 2011 […]


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