The “Patriot” movement (aka T-Baggers, Conservative Christians, Racists…) is becoming more overt.

Patriot Movement more overt


“A couple of incidents including a news story suggest that the patriot movement is becoming more overt.

Today in the news, there is an article about a homicide detective being fired because he had publicly renounced his American Citizenship and declared himself a “Sovereign Citizen”.  Sunday, my wife and I were driving to church and ended up behind a van advertising that they were members of the Patriot movement.

I’ve had people hit me up to join the patriot movement for years.   When I was in the Assemblies of God, several members were tax protesters and were having meetings (which I never attended in spite of pressure from those individuals).  After walking and going back to the Episcopal church, I encountered a few more Patriot movement types who tried to get me to join over the 24 year span we attended those churches.  (Most of those people were ‘ex-Assemblies’*, although there were a couple of life-long Episcopalians who also tried to get me involved.)  The point is, they were all very hush-hush about it, and expressed fear that the government would persecute them for their beliefs.  They didn’t want to be caught.”


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