Murdering Abortion Doctors is NOT “Justifiable Homicide” – Bills in both Iowa and Nebraska could put abortion providers at serious risk

Dangerous Anti-Choice Laws Spread

Emily V., Care2 Action Alerts

I thought we were through with legalizing the murder of abortion doctors when South Dakota shelved its “justifiable homicide” bill. Public sentiment was loud and clear: Making loopholes that encourage violence against abortion doctors is not acceptable

But the trend is spreading. Now anti-choicers are going after women’s rights in Iowa and Nebraska too. Bills in both these states could put abortion providers at serious risk.

Supporters of the bills insist that the point isn’t to declare open season on abortion doctors. But they need to face up to facts. In the past, people who’ve killed abortion providers have tried — and thus far, failed — to invoke the “justifiable homicide” defense. Law enforcement is worried the bill, if passed, could lead to more violence and killings.

But at their core, the bills seeks to take away the hard-fought rights of women by granting rights to fetuses.

Public outcry killed the bill in South Dakota, but we need to keep up the pressure.

Sign the petition in support of women in Nebraska and Iowa and spread the word to your friends in these states and around the country. Post the petition to Facebook, Tweet it to your network, or email your friends.


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