Why health freedom matters to us all


Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 4:34 AM

Why are we so focused lately on health freedom and defending ourselves against the expansion of FDA power over the food supply?

Because with the federal government in a huge expansion phase, our freedoms are at risk.

In today’s article, I explain why I fight for health freedom and why NaturalNews is part of a global effort to defend our liberties against a new generation of tyrants: http://www.naturalnews.com/030872_health_freedom_natural_law.html



Frosty the Snow Pet (Cute Pet Pics)

Help Tigers With Your Choice of Paper (Video): A new investigation by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and other groups reveals that one of the world’s largest paper suppliers is still cutting down the rainforest on the Indonesian island of Sumatra – even though the company claims to have stopped doing so.

ACTION ALERT: Tell BBC: No More Commentators Who Believe Gay People Should Be Executed (NOTE: BBC informs many in the USA of what our news media will not, so I do not believe they should be thrown under the bus, unlike FOX, the BBC still has some reality fact-based reporting. I believe in free speech, I believe the Pope and the Muslim folk can run around all day and say gays should be hung and woman should be bare foot and pregnant….this is “hate speech”. However dangerous this may be they are not screaming “FIRE” in a crowded theater and they are not telling people to go out and to break the law. This will allow me to say that I believe all conservative Christians should be round up and beheaded because they are the reason the USA is hated all over the world, they are the ones that do not help the needy, in fact, they are the ones that want to have a two-class system in the USA; rich and poor, the white conservative Christian being the rich obviously. These people have infiltrated US Congress, trying to make the USA a “Christian nation” making all other religions unrepresented in the USA and Christian-based teaching in all schools and our laws based on the bible. They have infiltrated school boards all over the USA, having the power to rewrite US History, in their favor, even banning Thomas Jefferson because of his famous opinion on ‘separation of church and state’. These people have also infiltrated our Military, treating non-Christians like second class citizens, treating them differently if they do not attend conservative Christian rock concerts and other overtly Christian born-again. So, I say ALL conservative Christians should be killed, hung, lynched, burnt at the stake, beheaded….and all other horrendous ways they have treated others throughout history. Speaking of history, NO WHERE will you find positive growth in mankind that has been instilled by conservative Christianity. This ideology was against giving all children education, making work environments safe, bathroom breaks at work, a woman’s right to wear pant, and to vote, a black persons right to not be lynched when they are caught raising their eyes to look at a white person face to face. They are also the same people that first settled in the USA and believed killing Mormons and Quakers was ordered by their God, and after stopping that, Thomas Jefferson had to stop the Puritans from taxing the Quakers to pay for their churches and other such thing. Conservative Christian ideology is evil and all those who follow this ideology should be stopped, at all costs. Therefore, I will NOT be signing anything that states someone else cannot say something I would like to have the freedom to say.)

Dogged Hypocrisy: Tucker Carlson Wanted Death Penalty for Michael Vick (NOTE: Tucker Carlson is a closet case. With most conservative Christian loud-mouth closet cases, which there always seems to be many, they talk more out of their butt than their mouth because being closeted blurs their reality, and they cannot see clearly, hence, are unreliable with them present the world with their tainted opinions.)


Alternative to the Totalitarian Self-Degeneration of Capitalism — Political-Economic Democracy

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