A New Year’s Resolution for the Rich

By Sam Harris, Author, Neuroscientist, December 29, 2010 05:36 PM

“While the United States has suffered the worst recession in living memory, I find that I have very few financial concerns. Many of my friends are in the same position: Most of us attended private schools and good universities, and we will be able to provide these same opportunities to our own children. No one in my immediate circle has a family member serving in Afghanistan or Iraq. In fact, in the aftermath of September 11th, 2001, the only sacrifice we were asked to make for our beloved country was to go shopping. Nearly a decade has passed, with our nation’s influence and infrastructure crumbling by the hour, and yet those of us who have been so fortunate as to actually live the American dream–rather than merely dream it–have been spared every inconvenience. Now we are told that we will soon receive a large tax cut for all our troubles. What is the word for the feeling this provokes in me? Imagine being safely seated in lifeboat, while countless others drown, only to learn that another lifeboat has been secured to take your luggage to shore…” MORE


Information Clearing House Newsletter

News You Won’t Find On CNN
December 29, 2010

“War provides an outlet for every evil element in man’s nature. It enfranchises cupidity and greed gives a charter to petty tyranny, glorifies cruelty and places in positions of power the vulgar and base.” ~ Cyril Edwin Mitchinson Joad, Guide to Modern Wickedness

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq “1,421,933”

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq:  4,745 http://www.icasualties.org/oif/

Number Of  International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,279

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan


Wikileaks Mirrors
Wikileaks is currently mirrored on 2194 web sites

Clinton Plays Russian Roulette With JusticeBy Yvonne RidleyInstead of sticking her nose in to other countries’ judicial processes, perhaps the US Secretary of State would care to look into her own backyard and tell us why one of her soldiers was given a mere nine month sentence earlier this month after shooting unarmed civilians in Afghanistan?

US Drone Attacks Are No Laughing Matter, Mr Obama
By Mehdi HasanThe president’s backing of indiscriminate slaughter in Pakistan can only encourage new waves of militancy.

If Obama Could Put America’s Own Real Interests First
By Alan Hard
How The US can win the respect, friendship and support of not less than 95 per cent of all Arabs and very probably that of almost all Muslims everywhere.

Counter-terror ‘Expert’ Tells Cops: Kill Militant Muslims, ‘Including Children’
By Daniel Tence
The comment highlights growing concerns among human rights advocates that US law enforcement is turning to extremists for training in the fight against terrorism.

FoxNews Keeping You Safe From Terrorism?
Indy Woman Linked to Terrorist Groups

By Heather Gillers FoxNews.com has brought to the attention of authorities an Indianapolis woman accused of making anti-American comments and showing support for alleged terrorist groups.

US Cities at Risk of Bankruptcy
By Press TV
Next to the housing crisis, some economists say cities declaring bankruptcy is the biggest threat to the U.S. economy in 2011 More than 100 cities could go bust in the new year derailing the economy in America.

The Trials of Henry Kissinger – The Making Of A War Criminal
Video Documentary“A fascinating, bombshell documentary that should shame Americans, regardless of whether or not ultimate blame finally lies with Kissinger. Should be required viewing for civics classes and would-be public servants alike.”

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