$385 Million TSA Program Fails to Detect Terrorists … Another WikiLeaks Cable From the Bush Administration … $250 million to keep Cheney out of jail & More

$385 Million TSA Program Fails to Detect Terrorists: “Even though the TSA failed to carry out scientific testing of Screening Passengers by Observation Techniques (SPOT), the TSA has allotted nearly $383 million to SPOT since 2007, rolling it out at 161 of 457 TSA-regulated airports. Despite this considerable investment, the agency didn’t even perform a cost-benefit analysis on the pilot tests that began in 2003, according to the GAO…. Maybe the most damning evidence that SPOT doesn’t work is that it has never identified a terrorist at an airport where the program has been implemented.” Read the Article

Free Trade Won’t Cure Unemployment: “Now that there seems to be no hope of using reasonable fiscal policy to fix the United States’s economy, I’ve been hearing a different idea lately: that trade can be a driver of economic recovery. Namely, the suggestion that the trade proposal South Korea and the United States recently agreed on can serve as a form of macroeconomic policy. Um, no. The problem in the United States is insufficient spending on American-produced goods and services – that is, a lack of demand.” Read the Article

Another WikiLeaks Cable From the Bush Administration: “Twice within four days, my name has popped up in the Bush-era secret cables uncovered by WikiLeaks. Lucky me. Though nowhere near as earth-shattering as the uncovering of American misdeeds in Iraq and Afghanistan, these classified cables provide a stunning and bizarre peek into the paranoid minds of the Bush White House when it came to the subject of one Michael Francis Moore. And considering how WikiLeaks has released only 1,826 cables of its planned drop of 251,287 – and I’ve already played a starring role twice – I can only say I await with bemused anticipation how the moi-storyline will play itself out.” Read the Article

Bush Sr., James Baker Instrumental in Getting Nigeria to Drop Bribery Charges Against Cheney: “Former President George H.W. Bush and ex-Secretary of State James Baker were part of a negotiating team that convinced Nigerian government officials to drop bribery charges against Dick Cheney and Halliburton, the oil services firm he led prior to becoming vice president.Read the Article

Pope Blames Sexual Abuse of Children by Priests on Secular World: “When priests have sexually abused children for decades. It’s hard for even a Pope to try A Hail Mary pass like, “It’s all the secular world’s fault!” And really expect it to fly.” Read the Article

Obama to the Corporate Powers: I Feel Your Pain: “Guess who’s whining the loudest these days, wailing that they’re getting a raw deal from Barack Obama. Not the unemployed and barely employed – even though the White House has blithely ignored their critical need for a national jobs program. Not the poor, even though their ranks are swelling as millions of Americans fall out of the middle class.” Read the Article

Social Security’s Future at Risk With New Tax Deal “Under the radar screen, the new tax deal is threatening the livelihood of America’s present and future seniors – to line the pockets of millionaires. If made permanent, a new Social Security ‘payroll tax holiday,’ reducing the ‘match’ employers pay from 6 percent to 4 percent of salary, will drop the solvency of the program 14 years, from 2037 to 2023, according to the Congressional Budget Office. At the same time, Congress agreed to increase high-end loopholes in the estate tax, exempting 39,000 estates worth as much as $5 million.” Read the Article

Afghan Youth Supply Their Answer to US’s December Review: “Two days after the Obama administration released its December review of the war in Afghanistan to a public made increasingly skeptical by the war’s rising human and economic costs, a coalition of young Afghan peace activists issued their own review. The Global Day of Listening to Afghans brought together listeners from around the world, who joined sessions of a day-long conference call that offered a grassroots alternative to the official report, which has been criticized for its lack of hard facts or specifics on withdrawal.”  Read the Article


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