Alaskan Company Screws Share-holders…..You don’t say.

Revenues for ANCs Skyrocket, but Not Payouts to Natives

by Jennifer LaFleur and Michael Grabell ProPublica, Dec. 15, 2010, 7:57 p.m.

Revenues of Alaska Native Corporations that are major federal contractors have grown much faster than profits and dividends they have paid to native shareholders, according to an analysis of financial data compiled by ProPublica.  Seventeen of the highest-grossing ANCs saw revenues rise 82 percent from 2005 through 2009, while profits increased just 14 percent, the analysis shows. During this period, most native shareholders received less than $500 a year in dividends from the corporations.  MORE


NOTE: Rape the land and screw the people. That sounds pretty much correct when it comes to US capitalism…..god forbid we given people money they deserve for destroying their land….but that is spreading the wealth, that is Socialism. So like safety nets in place for decades, giving more to the wealthy, who DO NOT assist in any “trickle down effect”, conservatism stands strong in fulfilling your American Dream with unregulated capitalism and conservative ideology which can be boiled down to; “Profits Before People” and most famously; “Let them eat cake.” “Profits Before People” is at the complete opposite position as “We the People” on ideology. Here are some more Alaskan-style Socialist programs T-Party folk love:

11-7-2008 – Republican Conservative Christian Sarah Palin enthusiastically practices socialism, Alaska-style:

3-22-2009 – Red State Socialism and the Politics of Stimulus:

8-19-2010 – While it was fashionable to run on anti-federal government platforms this campaign cycle, it is hard to ignore that Alaska has a notorious love-hate relationship with federal cash. And many might say that the relationship, for the large part, actually falls more on the “love” side:

Alaska Republican-Tea Party Conservative Christian Senate candidate Joe Miller, who claims Government is too big and Socialism is bad, admits taking farm subsidies:

10-5-2010 – Joe Miller also thinks federal unemployment insurance is constitutionally questionable. But it turns out his wife benefited from it in the early part of the decade — after she left a job working for him:

10-9-2010 – Joe Miller also relied on technicalities to obtain a low-income hunting and fishing license from the state of Alaska:

11-19-2010 – They Got (Way) Richer, And You Didn’t. Tell Us Again Why Socialism Is Bad?:

12-09-2010 – Republicans to 9/11 responders: Drop dead — How they voted:

Socialism is good for the wealthy politicians of the USA, just ask these 114 folks, (mostly Republicans, Conservative Christians and or T-Party members): Stimulating Hypocrisy: 114 Lawmakers Block Recovery While Taking Credit For Its Success:

The Most Hypocritical States are Usually “Red”:

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